• Introducing Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side!


    PUSH Green is proud to announce that we’ve launched a new program aimed at solving greater household issues that might impede the ability to perform energy efficiency work.

    We’d like to introduce Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side!

    Income eligible homeowners in the 14213 zip code now have access to grant money to fix things like a leaky roof, bad pipes, mold, chimney repair, or water damage to walls for example. Things like this have halted energy efficiency work in the past because these kinds of repairs can be very cost prohibitive.

    And at PUSH Green, we’re all about finding solutions to these hurdles because we want to see this community running efficiently and see our neighbors keep a few extra bucks in their pockets.

    There are rules and guidelines for eligibility available now on our website. If you’re still not sure, feel free to call our office at 716-886-1780 to speak with an energy advocate that can help see if you qualify.

    As always, we look forward to helping our community. Stay warm!

    (And if you’re not, you’ll really want to give us a call to see what we can do for you….)

  • A Very Green Business

    Here at PUSH Green, we spend a lot of time getting homes for families energy efficient and saving them money. But did you know we do the same for commercial customers as well?

    We believe that the business owner deserves to save money on their utilities and keep their business or non-profit energy efficient. 

    Funding will be available to qualified small commercial and non-profit businesses for purposes of making eligible capital improvements that prepare the building for installation of comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit measures through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs - Green NY (GJGNY).

    You'll have to give us a call to schedule a one-on-one with our commercial energy advocate, Sheila, at 716-886-1780 and she can tell you all about getting a free energy audit, too!

    In the meantime there are things you can do to your building to start saving some money. It makes a difference in the long run!


    • Consider buying a laptop for your next computer upgrade. They use less energy than desktop computers.



    • Install door bottoms, threshold, or door “shoes” to seal gaps beneath exterior doors.



    • Save on your lighting maintenance costs by investing in ENERGY STAR-qualified LED lights. ENERGY STAR-qualified LEDs last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. They also come with a minimum three-year warranty and will even help reduce your cooling costs since they produce very little heat.


    Water Heaters

    • Buy an ENERGY STAR-qualified water heater. In areas of infrequent use, consider tankless water heaters to reduce standby storage costs and waste.


    Want more tips to reduce your utility bills at your business or non-profit? You can find them here on the NYSERDAwebsite. 


    Go Green. Why not?

  • What is Energy Democracy?

    We here at PUSH Buffalo and specifically, PUSH Green, have been working really hard to make sure that everyone is included in this Energy Democracy campaign we have going on. We think it's important that members of the community are included in the decision making process when it comes to how their utilities are managed.

    But we've managed to jump right in without giving a clearer understanding of what Energy Democracy is as a concept.

    So to clarify, we've elected our Director of Workforce Initiatives, Clarke Gocker, to jump in and offer a better, more succinct definition of Energy Democracy, and his reflective thoughts on PUSH Green. 


    Energy democracy is a fancy way of saying people should have greater control over the cost of energy, how they use energy, where they buy or source energy, and whether they can own energy generating technologies or facilities, like solar and wind, on their homes or in their communities.

    Energy efficiency and conservation are affordable ways to gain greater control over some of these things. PUSH Green has demonstrated this time and again by connecting WNY residents to NYSERDA programs, including state-sponsored low interest financing options like On-Bill Recovery. It is why PUSH Green has invested so much time in our communities building shared understanding of the value of energy efficiency improvements, and empowering renters and homeowners to make informed decisions about retrofit projects that will benefit everyone and the environment.

    In 2015, PUSH Green will come full circle with a new program offering - rooftop solar (photovoltaic) PV installation - that will further empower community members to lead the region toward an alternative clean energy future.

    We've loved engaging with community members to make this future real. Its how and why we do this work. As a mission-based not-for-profit, PUSH Green is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, in the industry, and most importantly in our communities, to advocate for a clean energy vision that puts people first and increases opportunities for democratic decision making, control, and individual and collective ownership of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Recently, New York State has set out to define what an alternative clean energy future could look like and who should be at the table developing and refining that vision. PUSH Green believes that all of our communities deserve a seat at that table, not least among them, communities that have struggled the most with energy affordability and access to clean energy. As we await opportunities to engage in public conversations with other stakeholders across NYS, we can all take steps together to begin building the clean energy future we want to see. We can act now to retrofit our homes and businesses and install renewable energy in our communities.

    With the end of the year fast upon us its time to share some reflections on our achievements and the way forward in 2015 and beyond. Since 2012, PUSH Green has completed over 300 energy efficiency retrofit projects and has created dozens of living wage jobs in the local green economy. It might go without saying but through this work PUSH Green is helping to create an alternative clean energy future for low to moderate income community members and working families in Western New York.

    PUSH Green believes a more sustainable clean energy future is only possible if its powered by people, not profits, and is guided by principles of energy democracy.

    If you believe our clean energy future should put people over profits, call PUSH Green at 886-1780.

  • Germany teaches PUSH about energy


    Energy Transition, or "Energiewende," in Germany

    Energiewende, or Energy Transition, is the process that has put Germany at the lead globally in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Last month, PUSH Executive Director, Aaron Bartley, traveled to Germany to learn more from these global leaders in energy.

    We asked Aaron to recall his trip for us and here’s what he had to say, in his own words.

    1. It is possible for small communities to build electric generation and heat systems that are community owned, off-the-grid, 100% renewable, and cheaper than utilities. In Feldheim, we met with a community member who described partnerships with a wind entrepreneur to build dozes of turbines at the edge of town. He also partnered with other contractors to build micro-grids to fain independence from the utilities and install central heat systems for the whole town.

    2. The transition to renewables relies on our ability to build a social movement rooted in Energy Democracy. In Germany, this moment came out of a crisis: the Chernobyl disaster. The entire society was affected deeply by the fear of nuclear clouds overhead. That led to social movements and mass consciousness about energy. This was important both to build the political support needed for policies and so that citizens felt connected enough to the problem and solution that they themselves wanted to play a role by investing in solar and wind.

    3. The transition doesn’t come cheap. Germans pay a tax to support the transition. This makes it unpopular in some areas, but the public generally supports the energiewende because of their consciousness about climate change.  

    4. Clear and transparent standards are important. Practically everyone in the country knows the goals for renewable energy production and carbon reduction for 2020 and 2040.

    Co-sponsored by the research institute EcoLogic and the German government, Aaron and nine others drawn from the world of think tanks, policy advocacy, and philanthropy also attended the tri-city tour of Berlin, Hamburg, and Feldheim.

    This trip is particularly exciting for those of us at PUSH Buffalo and PUSH Green. We believe in giving people as much autonomy in their consumption of energy, an idea encapsulated by the Energy Democracy work we’re actively engaged in. That’s why we’re taking our necessary steps with our weatherization and energy efficiency work – to keep less dollars in your pocket, not in corporations.

    While we work on this, want to get started in your own way? Call us for a free energy assessment and we’ll figure out where we can help make your home warmer and your wallet fuller.

    In solidarity,

    PUSH Green


    Feldheim, Germany - 100% of renewable energy produced locally



  • Giving Thanks at PUSH Green

    Happy Thanksgiving! 

    It’s that time of year when people take some time to reflect on what they’re thankful for. Good health, good company, and good food is a central focus of thankfulness because of what we surrounded by this week.

    Here at PUSH Green, we’re thankful for quite a few other things. So we sat down as a team and discussed what we’re thankful for in our work and our daily lives here at PUSH Buffalo.

    · Creating Green Jobs. We can’t express our gratitude for the good fortune to create green jobs in our neighborhoods for the members of our communities. Through our training programs, our contractors, and by way of in-house staff, we’re keeping people working for a more sustainable green economy while earning a living wage. Our Workforce Development team enjoys working directly with the community and giving them access to training – ultimately, seeing the results of a job well done first.

    · Helping People Know the Process. Our Energy Advocates do a lot of the necessary paperwork for our Energy Efficiency home and business owners. It’s not in our nature to leave anyone alone with paperwork that might seem overwhelming and confusing.

    · Keeping People Warm. The end result is what we’re really after. After the initial meeting, the audit, and the contactor’s work is done, we look forward to hear from the people working or living where the energy efficiency work was done. We like knowing you’re warmer and more comfortable, without outrageous utility bills! We keep track of when winter’s coming so that we can best help you!

    Of course with every passing year and gaining a larger contingent of supporters, we’re constantly finding new ways to be thankful for this life we’ve developed at PUSH Green. But the basic principles of what we do keep us motivated and thankful all year round!

    It’s easy to see why we’re thankful for our work in energy efficiency. We’re just here to help!

    And we’ll be honest. We all said we’re thankful for the day off to enjoy with our loved ones. And pie. The promise of pie is always something to look forward to.

    What are you thankful for?

  • PUSH Green & Roc Da Sustainable Mic visit Music Is Art This Year

    We're extremely excited to announce that we will table and bring another edition of the Sustainable Mic with us to the Music Is Art Festival on September 13th. You'll know where we are because #EnergyEfficiency never sounded so good. We'll have music right by our table.

    What is the Sustainable Mic?

    A musically driven performance piece, with song, spoken word, and live instrumentation. The Sustainable Mic looks at not just the physical, or material aspects of sustainable redevelopment, but also the people involved and affected. It features performances by the Buffalo NY based band Ismail and Company with support from the Thursday Nights Roc Da Mic emcee crew.  Our first edition of it was at Silo City for City of Night Buffalo 2014 and it was a huge hit. We can't wait to do it again. 

    Come talk to us to see how your home or small business can get warmer and save money this coming winter. We hope to see you there!! 

    #BuffaloNY #PUSHgreen#SustainableMicBuffalo #BuffaloArtsUnderground #PUSHbuffalo


  • Summer Tabling Recap

    The weather this summer was truly amazing. It made for a great atmosphere for tabling at different community events. Just because winter was taking a break, doesn't mean we were #RememberWinter. Winter is coming around again and we want to make sure you know who we are so that your home or small business can get ready. We tabled at Silo City for City of Night, the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts, and at Larkin Market in Larkin Square among other places. Here's a quick photo recap of our adventures.  



  • Buff News says no "polar vortex" But Still Get Ready For Winter

    The Buffalo News says that the Farmers' Almanac has no mention of the term "polar vortex", but you should still get your home or small business ready for winter. Here's a link to the story. #EnergyEfficiency #BuffaloNY


  • Business Owners Be Like September 2014


    Winter is coming, get energy efficient call 716.886.1780 and talk with one of our Community Energy Advocates today. Find out how your home or small business can save money on utility bills. #PUSHgreen #BuffaloNY

  • Good music to the ears – Home is where the heart is

    “Just random memories of life without energy efficiency” - (PBI)

    By Professor Bill Insulation (PBI)

    “Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to build it up” – The Dells

    Home is where the heart is. Some of us remember finally getting our own rooms (if we had siblings), getting our first apartments, or buying our first residences. Some of us remember our first jobs, and first starting our own small businesses. The feeling of independence is something that makes life worth living.

    “Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to break” – Dells

    I remember singing this line in my head when the ancient artifact known as our furnace died out in an apartment I lived in one late September. It wasn’t an Indian summer either; this particular fall was as cold as you know what. It was quite the experience to say the least. The one thing that I’ll always remember is that under certain conditions, one becomes very creative in finding ways to generate and keep heat. I remember plugging in every lamp I had, and opening the oven door for heat. I also received a much higher than normal electric bill.

    I wish there was a program like PUSH Green years ago when I was working in an old warehouse for a company which no longer exists. It wasn’t a bad place to work, other than the fact that the building it was in wasn’t very energy efficient. I worked during the 2nd shift, at night working production during the winter. At night in the winter time in Buffalo, the weather is the coldest. One of the job requirements not mentioned on the application was a winter coat. I’m not sure what they paid in utility bills, but it seemed like the heat that was there was just going right out the window.

    “Build it up, build it up, build it up, build it up” – The Dells

    I mentioned these horror stories because home is where the heart is, winter is coming (probably one of the scariest things you’ve heard all summer right?) and I want you to know how to get energy efficient. If you didn’t know, there are resources available for you to get your residence or small business ready. PUSH Green has residential (homes, apartment units), and commercial (small businesses) programs. Each program works differently so you’ll have to give one of their Community Energy Advocates a call at 716.886.1780 to learn more.


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