• URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Call to support Senate Bill S.8005!

    Recently, PUSH Buffalo and a host of organizations championing #NYRenews from across New York State converged in Albany NY to demand passage of a historic Climate Justice Act - and we won!

    The fight hasn't ended yet though. The companion bill, S.8005, needs sponsorship in the NYS Senate. We have to ACT TODAY, call these Senators and voice our support! 

    The NYS Renews steering committee is asking us to call our local Republican Senators TODAY, Monday, June 13th and ask them to co-sponsor Senate bill S. 8005.  It’s the companion bill to the Assembly bill A. 10342, the NYS Climate and Community Protection Act which passed in the Assembly on June 1st after our rally in Albany.  The Senators are in their home offices today.

    WHY THIS CALL IS IMPORTANT:  We have 3 days left until the end of session.  We need a majority of the Senators to get this bill on the floor for a vote.  That means we need 33 co-sponsors—we’re close and we have 3 Republican Senate co-sponsors:  Senators Phil Boyle, Carl Marcellino and Jack Martins.  But we need more Republicans and are being asked to contact NYS Senators Patrick Gallivan (R-West Seneca, Lancaster, Warsaw.  .  .) andRobert Ortt (Niagara/Orleans Counties).

    WHO SHOULD CALL?  Any of us who support the NYS Climate and Community Protection Act.  If you live in the Senator’s district, it’s important to tell him or his aide that you do and give them your address.   If you don’t live in the district, tell them that you are active in one of the coalition organizations that supports the bill (e.g., Sierra Club, PUSH, Climate Action Coalition, CWA, NYSNA, etc.).  If you have friends who live in their district, ask them to call.

    WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY?  Tell them you are calling to ask them to co-sponsor S. 8005 which is being sponsored by Senator Diane Savino and it’s same as  Assembly bill A. 10342, the NYS Climate and Community Protection Act which passed in the Assembly on  June 1st.   Let them know that this bill will allow NYS to reach the governor’s goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050; that it will provide good-paying clean energy jobs and ensure investments  in  our most vulnerable communities.  Also mention that 3 Republican Senators are co-sponsors of the bill.


    NYS Senator Patrick Gallivan


    NYS Senator Robert Ortt


  • BREAKING NEWS! NYS Assembly Approves Bill to Slash Carbon Emissions!

    Members of PUSH Buffalo and other area social justice groups rallied in Albany New York yesterday to show support for the passage of a strong energy bill that would require New York State to drastically cut carbon emissions by 2050 - this bill passed in the state assembly!

    The legislation, called the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act, is also notable for its emphasis on environmental and economic justice, according to the bill's advocates. It aims to "prioritize the safety and health of disadvantaged communities" and "it creates good jobs and protects workers and communities," a memo by lawmakers said.

    To hear from the voices on the ground working to push this bill through, click here!

  • What do Just Transitions Look Like?

    Jason Kulaszewski on Just Transitions

    John Washington on Just Transitions

    What do Just Transitions look like? PUSH Green Program Manager Jason Kulaszewski and Community Organizer John Washington break it down, addressing the connections between segregation, mass incarceration, green jobs, renewable energy and sustainable housing.


  • Former PUSH Green Energy Advocate Wins NOAA Fellowship!

    Remember our Community Energy Advocate Alex Kuttesch? After leaving us nearly two years ago to go to graduate school, Alex has just been named as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Management Fellow. We are so excited that Alex will be using his skills and passion in the very important environmental issue of rising sea levels.

    "In a paper published in Environmental Research Letters, researchers looked at satellite photos of the Solomon Islands taken between 1947 and 2015. Specifically, they tracked the size and shape of 33 islands.

    They found that during that time, 5 of those islands vanished beneath the rising seas. These weren't just tiny sandbars, they were vegetated islands ranging in size from 2.5 to 12.4 acres.

    Not only that, but six other islands have shorelines that are receding dramatically, and two villages, founded before 1935, were destroyed by rising seas. In one village, Nuatambu, half of the houses have been lost to the seas. Many residents have fled and rebuilt on higher ground, while others are trying to stay and maintain their lives near the coast. In another village, Mararo, residents voted to preemptively relocate the entire village to a position 65 feet above sea level. In the paper, the authors write "Interestingly in this case the community [Mararo] had historically lived in a high elevation site prior to being encouraged by missionaries down to the coast in the early 20th century."

    We could not be more pleased and wish Alex continued success! 




  • PUSH Gro Launches for International Compost Awareness Week 2016!

    As International Compost Awareness Week 2016 comes to a close, we at PUSH Green would like to congratulate PUSH Gro for its exciting launch of high quality compost for purchase at the Lexington Food Coop on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo NY. ! We know that good compost helps our plants, vegetables and flowers grow better and healthier, but do you know the many other benefits of composting? The infographic used here comes from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (, a national nonprofit organization working to strengthen local economies, and redirect waste into local recycling, composting, and reuse industries. It is reprinted here with permission. 

    The Institute for Local Self Reliance has compiled an amazing set of infographics like this one about the benefits of composting that you can download and share! Congratulations PUSH Gro! 




  • PUSH Green and Solar Liberty Hosted by Councilman Feroleto!

    On April 28th, Councilman Joel Feroleto of Buffalo's Delaware District hosted an information session on #solarenergy with PUSH Green and our partners Solar Liberty, at the Sanders Road Community Center. More than two dozen people came out to learn more, share their thoughts and ask questions. We've followed up since with many homeowners who are ready to take the next steps to harnessing the power of the sun. Thank you again Councilman Feroleto!



  • Benefits of an Energy Advocate


    (Marty and Natalie, Residential Energy Advocates; Sheila, Commercial EA with Minh Tran of 99 Fast Food)

    Ever have an experience when the task of talking to a state agency seems daunting? Here at PUSH Green, we talk a lot about working with NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Agency) and we know that it can make people feel uneasy about applying for grants to get energy efficiency work done.

    That’s why we have two dedicated Residential Energy Advocates and a Commercial Energy Advocates on staff to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence. Our EA’s are on hand to help you from the earliest phase through completion, advocating for the homeowner or business owner with state agencies, financial entities, and contractors, making sure that your project is as streamlined as possible.

    Their BPI (Building Performance Institute) certification means that they’re qualified to also access building structures and confirm necessary work done suggested by our high road contractors. They meet regularly with contractors to determine where in the process a home is and keep projected completion dates on track.

    Not sure which document is needed to get funding? Ask your energy advocate.

    Concerns about your contractor? Call your energy advocate.

    Receive a letter that you’re confused about? Talk to your energy advocate.

    Energy advocates are readily available to talk about all your options, review any issues you may have, and walk you through the process.

    They’re here to connect you to energy and power


  • Green Development Zone


    Energy sustainability is exemplified in PUSH Buffalo's Green Development Zone

    PUSH Green brings homeowners weatherization services that ultimately make homes warmer and utility bills down. And while we’re proud of this work that brings comfort to individuals on a micro basis, PUSH Green is part of a much bigger story and has greater aspirations.

    Net-zero housing is when your house and the tools connected to it produce 100% of the energy required to heat and power your home without any help from the electric and gas utility companies. That’s right – some initial investments can leave those with a completely outfitted house, without a utility bill.

    PUSH Buffalo has spent the last couple of years working on multiple houses and lots all around the West Side of Buffalo, creating affordable and sustainable housing in the community for the community.

    Projects like these are all part of what is known as the Green Development Zone (GDZ). The GDZ is a 25-block square radius on the West Side extending from Richmond Avenue to Niagara Street, all along Massachusetts Avenue. The GDZ is a shining example of what the green economy can accomplish and describes how energy efficiency and energy democracy is changing the way a community can access power and how it empowers.

    PUSH Green’s mission is to bring this proven benefit of energy retrofitted homes to communities beyond the Green Development Zone. We’re providing people with free energy audits which can help determine where there might be gaps in the home that allow heat to escape. We help identify where walls lack insulation. We’re trained to see what’s missing.

    We invite you to come to the beautiful West Side and take a Green Development Zone tour where the details of our work will be shared and there will be time for any questions you might have. There are a few GDZ tours coming up in the winter months for you to check out living, breathing examples of energy efficiency, and sustainable and affordable housing:

    December 2nd, 2015
    December 18th, 2015
    January 20th, 2016
    February 17th, 2016

    Afterward, should you want to know about how to get your house energy efficient to model what’s being done on the West Side? You know who you can call.


    For more information about the GDZ tours or to RSVP, please contact Julia White at There is also more information at GDZ website.

  • Energy Efficiency Solutions

    This weekend PUSH Green is teaming up with New Buffalo Impact at the PUSH 271 Grant Street location to talk about weatherization and other energy saving solutions as we near the winter months. It's unseasonably warm to start the month off - but we all know that winter is coming! 

    Saturday November 7, 2015

    271 Grant Street

    12 - 4 PM

    Light Refreshments Served!

    Please click here to learn more about what PUSH Green and New Buffalo Impact can do for you. Note there is a Spanish version of our flier attached. 

    Learn what YOU can do at home to save energy and how we can help with professional services to make your home safer, more comfortable and energy efficient this winter!

    • Discover how you’re losing heat & what to do about it
    • Learn about weatherization assistance for homeowners and renters
    • Apply for a FREE energy audit & take control of your energy use!


  • Shared Solar Win!


    Solar energy has been on the rise for a while and it is becoming a major way to save money on the electricity you use in your household.

    What solar does is becoming increasingly understood, there is one huge pitfall to the way the structure is around solar energy – it only benefits homeowners whose homes qualify for a solar panel.

    So who’s getting left behind?

    · Homeowners whose roofs do not face the correct direction
    · People who rent

    In a city like Buffalo, there are a high number of people who, by this virtue, are being left out of the energy savings of solar power. Here at PUSH Buffalo, it is our mission to identify when this is the case and bring the power to the people. Literally.

    Community organizers and PUSH personnel has been working on a state-wide initiative to bring shared solar to our state. While details are still being hashed out, there has been some progress in shared solar which will allow for all those being left out of the solar game a chance to participate. There are ideas for a subscription model that would allow for an agency to own a solar panel and allow community members a chance to subscribe to the panel for energy credits. There is a co-operative model that would allow a group of homeowners to put their resources in a pot and benefit from a single panel.

    For more information, you can call PUSH Buffalo or check the website for more information regarding the solar work as part of the Energy Democracy campaign.

    Solar panel is the wave of the future – we’re working hard to ensure that it’ll be there for all.


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