• Good music to the ears – Home is where the heart is

    “Just random memories of life without energy efficiency” - (PBI)

    By Professor Bill Insulation (PBI)

    “Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to build it up” – The Dells

    Home is where the heart is. Some of us remember finally getting our own rooms (if we had siblings), getting our first apartments, or buying our first residences. Some of us remember our first jobs, and first starting our own small businesses. The feeling of independence is something that makes life worth living.

    “Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to break” – Dells

    I remember singing this line in my head when the ancient artifact known as our furnace died out in an apartment I lived in one late September. It wasn’t an Indian summer either; this particular fall was as cold as you know what. It was quite the experience to say the least. The one thing that I’ll always remember is that under certain conditions, one becomes very creative in finding ways to generate and keep heat. I remember plugging in every lamp I had, and opening the oven door for heat. I also received a much higher than normal electric bill.

    I wish there was a program like PUSH Green years ago when I was working in an old warehouse for a company which no longer exists. It wasn’t a bad place to work, other than the fact that the building it was in wasn’t very energy efficient. I worked during the 2nd shift, at night working production during the winter. At night in the winter time in Buffalo, the weather is the coldest. One of the job requirements not mentioned on the application was a winter coat. I’m not sure what they paid in utility bills, but it seemed like the heat that was there was just going right out the window.

    “Build it up, build it up, build it up, build it up” – The Dells

    I mentioned these horror stories because home is where the heart is, winter is coming (probably one of the scariest things you’ve heard all summer right?) and I want you to know how to get energy efficient. If you didn’t know, there are resources available for you to get your residence or small business ready. PUSH Green has residential (homes, apartment units), and commercial (small businesses) programs. Each program works differently so you’ll have to give one of their Community Energy Advocates a call at 716.886.1780 to learn more.


  • Homeowners Be Like July 2014

  • Why we’re hosting an Ambassador Event on May 15th

    We've traveled to Albany more times than we can count to advocate for legislation that helps to promote energy efficiency. With help from our partners across the state, that legislation – Green Jobs Green New York – became a reality in 2009.

    Since then, we've knocked on hundreds of doors.

    We've tabled at community events and presented at churches and neighborhood association groups.

    And we've convened over a dozen energy efficiency contractors in our community to form our program.

    We’re in year three and we’re looking to expand. We started out in Erie County and now we’re looking to connect with home and small business owners in Niagara and Cattaraugus Counties too.

    So we’re having an ambassador event to kick things off.

    In 2008, Erie County Homeowners with income at or below 80% of the annual median income paid $267,516,827 more than they could afford for their energy bills." 

    The above is a statement from the 2011 LIFE Energy Affordability Gap report. Energy bills continue to rise and our beautiful housing stock continues to age – the need for energy efficiency in our region will only increase from here.

    In the past, we've partnered with trusted allies like NYS Assemblyman Sean Ryan, Village of Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang and Buffalo Common Council Member Michael J. LoCurto to help us get the word out about our program. We're so grateful for these partnership and know this is only the beginning.

    Why are we having an ambassador’s event on May 15, 5:30 PM at Coco Bistro & Bar?

    Because our friends and neighbors continue to deal with rising energy costs.

    Because we need jobs in our community and we believe they can be created through the weatherization sector.

    Do you have a friend or neighbor who endured this harsh winter without proper insulation or a proper furnace in their home?

    Want to help drive real job creation in our community?

    If so, the ambassador event is for you.

    Join us! 

  • PUSH Green releases 2012 - 2013 progress report to mark two year anniversary

    It’s hard to believe that PUSH Green is two years old. Our six person team has been hard at work recruiting home and business owners, contractors and job seekers to participate in energy efficiency programs that benefit our community. 

    Over the last two years, we’ve assisted over 472 homeowners get a comprehensive energy audit on their home. Over 132 of those homeowners went on to have energy saving upgrades performed on their home like getting new insulation blown into their walls or having a high energy efficiency furnace installed. Our region has some of the oldest housing stock in the nation – much of which was built before insulation was the norm. It’s a great feeling to take back some control over your energy bills!

    In 2013, our program was extended to small businesses and nonprofits organizations. In just under a year, we’ve helped 38 such owners get audits on their buildings.  Check Sheila out with the owner of C&R Housing who just signed up for a retrofit on his building.  We love this work! Being able to connect homeowners and business owners in our community to energy efficiency services that helps them

    1. Save on their energy bills
    2. Creates local jobs
    3. Reduces our regions carbon footprint

    Is a no brainer!

    Check out the full two year journey by downloading our progress report and call our team at 716-886-1780 for info on our program!

  • C & R Housing, Inc Join's our Small Biz Retrofit Program


    We are so excited! C & R Housing, Inc. - a small business right on the city's East Side - just joined our Green Building Retrofit Program today! Moments like these are exactly why we do this work - connecting local business to #energysaving upgrades. Thanks #pushgreen team!


     Now finding out about energy efficiency options is as easy as a simple text message!

    Text HIGH BILLS for energy efficiency!!!!





  • BIG Savings for Small Business Online Referral Form

    BIG SAVINGS 4 SMALL BUSINESS - Online Referral Form for our new weatherization rehab program for small businesses & non-profits - sign up today!

    Are you or do you know a business owner, or an operator of a non-profit in WNY who could benefit from lower energy bills and a more comfortable building? If you do this program could be what they've been looking for!


  • Big Savings for Small Business Contest Begins!

    PUSH Buffalo is excited to announce Big Savings for Small Business, new referral program and competition hosted by PUSH Green!

    PUSH Green’s Building Retrofit Program, a newly formed program of PUSH Buffalo, has been created to help not-for-profits and small businesses with 10 or less employees.

    -Receive a free Green Jobs/Green NY comprehensive energy assessment.

    -Access low interest financing, including On Bill Recovery which allows customers to pay for energy efficiency improvements using the energy savings they realize after eligible measures are installed.

    -Receive up to 50% grant subsidy for qualified energy efficiency retrofit readiness improvements, such as repair or replacement of roofs, foundation repair, moisture management systems, and/or remediation of environment hazards such as lead, asbestos, and mold.

    We need your help in spreading the word about the Green Building Retrofit Program. You can help in (2) simple ways:

    1. Improve your own building – If you own a small business or represent a non-profit, call today to schedule an appointment for a free energy assessment to see what improvements could help you save on your utility bills. Call 716.881.1780 or visit WWW.PUSHGREENWNY.ORG to get started!

    2. Help Others Save by Greening Their Buildings – Share the names of businesses or not-for-profits you know in Western New York who might benefit from energy efficiency improvements by clicking here by November 15, 2013. You can fill it out as many times as you want and, the more people you refer, the better your chance to win! We ask that you let them know that a representative of PUSH Buffalo will be touch.

    We’ll be tallying up the referrals and announcing the winners the first week of November

    Prizes for those who refer the largest number of small businesses and not-for-profits interested in learning about PUSH Green include Buffalo Bills Caps by New Era and more!

    Let’s work to green our community while creating quality jobs through Big Savings for Small Business!

  • PUSH Green Reaches Milestone


    People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo), a local organization fighting for affordable housing, held a press conference on Sept. 26th, 2013 at noon at 237 Main Street to announce the victories of its new energy efficiency program.

    Green collar workers, participating contractors and representatives from PUSH Green will were on-hand to share their stories and take questions.

    “Rebuilding Buffalo takes downtown development, but it also takes neighborhood development,” said Clarke Gocker, Director of Workforce Initiatives at PUSH Buffalo. “You see the cranes down here every day, but our city also needs a housing stock that is energy efficient and affordable for families. Green Jobs-Green NY is a grassroots economic development driver for our region. The program gives homeowners and small private businesses the opportunity to participate directly in Western New York’s economic turnaround.”

    The energy efficiency program, PUSH Green, is a local initiative created under the Green Jobs Green New York (GJGNY) legislation  that was designed to reduce the state’s carbon footprint and create green jobs.

    Since launching in 2012, PUSH Green has connected more than 300 Erie County homeowners to free energy assessments and helped more than 100 homeowners get energy efficiency retrofits with cost effective upgrades such as attic insulation, air sealing, high efficiency furnaces and boilers, and Energy Star appliances.

    "Making our homes more energy efficient means strengthening our local economy and investing in our neighborhoods for future generations. I am excited to help bring these benefits to Buffalo and the Delaware District in particular. In North Buffalo alone, over 100 homes have been approved for free energy assessments through PUSH Green, with half of those already completed. Furthermore, the program provides good jobs that pay a living wage to hard-working people in our community and I believe that through unique programs and partnerships like PUSH Green, we can work together to make a stronger, more sustainable Buffalo" says Buffalo City Councilman Michael LoCurto.

    PUSH Green’s Friends and Neighbors initiative is a partnership with NYSERDA-accredited contractors who have signed on to additional community benefit and hiring agreements—including paying family-sustaining wages and hiring local workers from under-represented communities. Thanks to partnership with these socially responsible contractors, PUSH Green’s workforce development efforts have created 20 full-time green jobs.

    “As heating season starts up, interested homeowners should call PUSH Green and speak with one of our certified Energy Advocates,” said Kate Howard, PUSH Green Program Manager. “Working with contractors and government programs can be intimidating, but PUSH Green Energy Advocates are here to be an independent expert ally for homeowners, and can help navigate the energy efficiency upgrade process.”

    PUSH Green Energy Advocates work one-on-one with homeowners to identify which energy efficiency program is the best fit. More than 90 percent of New Yorkers qualify for a free comprehensive energy assessment, and many will also qualify for subsidies, incentives, and low-interest financing, including On Bill Recovery, which provides an easy way for homeowners to repay their improvements – right on their energy bill.


  • PUSH Green Press Conference: Thurs Sept. 26

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