• We're now on Instagram!

    That's right friends, we are finally on Instagram and we couldn't be more excited. Follow us and People United for Sustainable Housing as we document our energy efficiency and green jobs journey through photos. Stay green!

  • Erie County Fair meets Erie County's energy efficiency program, PUSH Green


    Are you and friends gearing up for the Erie County Fair? 'Cause we sure are! Join us, Aug. 8-19 as we spread the #green word at this year's "wild" fair.

    Our awesome Green Team will be sharing a table with Gary Carrel, Energy $mart Communities Coordinator, in the 4H building.

    The fun starts in two days. Hope to see y'all on Wednesday at 5 p.m.:

  • PUSH development director shows PUSH Green some love


    Check out People United for Sustainable Housing's Development Director, Britney McClain, rockin' the new PUSH Green t-shirt for her upcoming Green Development Zone tour. Looking good Britney. Green looks good on you! #happymondayfolks

  • #LiveBetter with PUSH Green


    Our #GreenFriday message of the day is really 'simple:' #LiveBetter. Check us out online to learn how we can help you and your family do just that!

  • Jan Clear hosts PUSH Green's third house meeting

    On Friday, July 20, PUSH Green Captain Jan Clear sat down with a few of her friends and neighbors to hold her very own #greenhousemeeting. The meeting, which took place at Clear's Kenmore home was accompanied by a tight knit group of homeowners all looking forward to learning more about the PUSH Green program.

    During Clear's house meeting, attendees not only learned about Erie County's new energy efficiency program; they also learned how the program can help them save money and transform their community.

    After everyone arrived and caught up with Clear's family, Jan and PUSH Green Energy Advocate Alex Kuttesch officially called the meeting to order. Clear and Kuttesch began by going over the PUSH Green process and program benefits.

    As Clear's guests began to "loosen up," they began to talk about the current state of the economy and how the PUSH Green program could help address these issues.

    After a quick break, Alex began to talk to group members about our awesome Friends and Neighbors program - a program that offers more discounts and could allow Clear's guests to get their energy upgrades together.

    Guests of Clear's house meeting left feeling reassured. They left knowing that our staff would be there every step of the way, providing them with the necessary guidance to get their homes upgraded with extreme ease and care.

    At the end of the presentation, interested homeowners immediately signed up for their free comprehensive home energy assessment.

    Thanks Jan and cheers to a great house meeting!

  • PUSH Green rockin' it at Buffalo's Citybration Festival

    On Sunday, June 24th, 2012 our fabulous PUSH Green Team attended Buffalo's Citybration Festival to educate Western New Yorkers about Erie County's new energy efficiency program. Setting up shop Canalside, our #GreenTeam spoke to and enrolled dozens of homeowners into the PUSH Green program.

    Check out a few photos of the team as they spread the word about our awesome green program below!

  • Meet Duke University's 'Power Family'

    Have you met Duke University's Energy Youtility's new 'Power Family?' Well if you haven't, then you should! Like us, they are working to reduce their community's energy usage. Learn how their household energy usage stacks up with their neighbors...and trust us, this can be quite alarming...and competitive!

    Duke University Energy Youtility: "Power" Bill: 

  • Green Jobs - Green New York case study | WWII-era Buffalo home gets an extreme makeover

    Tom Digrace of Tonawanda, N.Y. participated in NYSERDA's Green Jobs - Green New York program to make his home more energy efficient year-round. Read more about his experience in the program below.

    Learn more about our PUSH Green program by visiting us online or by contacting us at 716-886-1780. We can't wait to help you and your family. 
  • PUSH Green in the Ken-Ton Bee

    Just came across this awesome editorial piece that Village of Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang wrote about our PUSH Green program back in June.Thanks for all of the love Mayor Mang - we really appreciate your continued program support.

    The piece appeared in the Ken-Ton Bee Newspaper.

  • #FunFactFriday: What does 'sustainable living' mean?

    We spend all day talking about the benefits of energy efficiency and encouraging others to live more sustainably, but do you really know what that means? Fear not green friends, our #FunFactFriday tidbit will clear this right up. Our program advocates are working to help reduce our state's (and your community's) carbon footprint by encouraging you all to lower your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions so that you more sustainably! Happy Friday everyone!

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