• Meet our new PUSH Green captain, Jan Clear

    Jan Clear is the latest Kenmore homeowner who has signed on to be a PUSH Green Captain and we couldn't be more thrilled. Welcome to the PUSH Green family Jan!

  • High road contractor, Domenic Cortese, putting his best foot forward

    Check out a few photos from our upcoming "Walk the High Road" PUSH Green Friends and Neighbors interview series that our fabulous summer intern, Sarah Coderre, conducted today at Cortese Construction Services.

    Cortese Construction Services is one of our Friends and Neighbors High Road Contractors. Awesome interview Sarah; way to put Domenic right at ease. 

  • Cornell University's Sarah Coderre is taking Buffalo's high road

    Sarah Coderre is in for a whirlwind communications introduction here at PUSH Green. As one of 17 Cornell University High Road Fellows, Coderre will work directly with People United for Sustainable Housing's - PUSH Buffalo - Communications Specialist, learning the “ins and outs” of PUSH Green's digital media strategy.

    So, what’s Coderre’s story?

    Well, for starters she is originally from Worcester, Mass. and is currently a sophomore at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations – a program that infuses business, government, law, industrial labor relations, and workforce development.

    “What attracted me to the school was the fact that the program focused on a bunch of different areas – areas that I am extremely interested in learning more about,” stated Coderre. “Cornell’s ILR program does a great job of examining the way that people work together, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to possibly become a High Road Fellow.”

    The University’s “High Road Runs Through the City” program, which began in 2008 by Dean Harry Katz and Professor Emeritus Lou Jean Fleron, is a service-learning and research-based fellowship program that connects students with non-profit organizations, government officials, and labor advocates throughout the city.

    High Road partner organizations are focused on one thing, and one thing only: revitalizing Buffalo. Each of the businesses associated with the program are determined in tackling Rust Belt challenges like urban revitalization, quality job creation, the green economy, and small business development.

    “Currently my fellows and I spend four days a week interning at various non-profits throughout Buffalo,” continued Coderre. “On Fridays, we come together to explore the city by going on tours and attending presentations and meetings.”

    And, while those meetings, tours and presentations are great, for Coderre being a High Road Fellow and a PUSH Green Intern means a bit more than simply traveling around Buffalo.

    “For me, PUSH Green and the High Road program is a journey of self discovery and learning,” she said. “I don’t know what I’ll end up pursuing career wise, but I want to explore the possibility of combining my passion for service with my leadership skills.”

    On campus, Coderre works at Cornell University’s Public Service Center as a Center Program’s Specialist where she facilitates the connection between volunteers and community organizations. After working at the Center for more than a year, Coderre realized her passion for service and community relations.

    “I was totally drawn to the idea of working in the community,” she continued. “PUSH Green is everything I could have asked for (and more) when it comes to working for a community-based organization.”

    "Being new to Buffalo’s West Side, it was really cool for me to see the way PUSH resonates within the community. After taking a walking tour of their neighborhood Green Zone, I was amazed at the number of people my supervisor was able to greet by name. It was truly remarkable.”

    But, what resonated the most for Coderre?

    “It was the fact that PUSH encourages their community members to speak up for themselves; to identify and work, together, to fix neighborhood problems - problems pertaining to the green economy, jobs and energy efficiency,” stated Coderre. “Everyone knows what he or she wants to see in his or her community or neighborhood and PUSH’s work reflects this notion.”

    “My goal for my time here this summer is to continue to live out the PUSH motto and empower local residents to make positive changes in their communities,” she said.

     Learn more about Coderre and her PUSH Green experiences, by checking out her weekly blog (check out a snippet below)- she posts every Friday! For more info about our awesome energy efficiency program, visit us online or give us a ring at 716-886-1780.  

    By far the most interesting part of my week thus far has been learning more about my internship project. Inspired by some of the ideas proposed to me by my supervisors, my project is going to ‘push’ the envelope of my experiences (and also be pretty fun)! A summer that I anticipated being very much ILR (Industrial and Labor Relations) focused, seems to have taken an unexpected turn and thrown me into CALs.

    I am going to be working as a Communications Intern for the summer, managing and producing content for PUSH Green’s various social media platforms (figuring out Twitter should be interesting...also, people use Google+ ?), as well as contributing to other aspects of our organization's outreach campaign.

    Under that umbrella, my biggest project is going to be coordinating and producing interviews and video testimonials of individuals that have been impacted by the PUSH Green program.

    Everything about this is exciting. I like to talk…a lot actually, and interviewing and writing will give me a great opportunity to play with words! I also think that it’s weird how things ended up like this; I knew there was a reason I decided to take Intro to Communications next semester.

    (Snippet from Coderre’s "Week 2" blog post.)

    About Cornell University’s “The High Road Runs Through the City Fellowship” program

    The High Road Runs Through the City Fellowship program is Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations’ visible commitment to public and community service. Established in 2008 by Dean Harry Katz and Professor Emeritus Lou Jean Fleron, the program provides a way for ILR students to authentically connect their academic and service lives. Visit the School of Industrial and Labor Relations for more information about the school and their High Road Fellows program.

  • June greetings from PUSH Green


    We just launched our June e-Newsletter: June Greetings from PUSH Green! Scan the QR Code - above - to check it out online. Just don't forget to sign-up for our awesome newsletter online at #Happyreading Green Family!

  • PUSH Green will Discover Delaware this Saturday!

    This just in: our awesome #GreenTeam will be at The Kenmore Merchants Association's Discover Delaware Sidewalk Sale this Saturday, June 30. Come out and help create, support, and foster a vibrant and diversified business environment through community service and activism! We can't wait to see you all out and about in Kenmore, New York.

  • PUSH BTPAP informational session


    Last night Buffalo residents attended BTPAP's Info Session to learn more about the trade apprenticeship's new, free 8-week building trades training program. Check out a few photos from last night's event!  #greenjobs  

  • Friends & Neighbors | The bundles have finally been assigned

    On Monday, June 11 our fabulous #GreenTeam spun our "Friends and Neighbors Wheel" to determine which bundles would be assigned to our state approved Friends and Neighbors contractors. 

    Over the last few months, CBO's - Community Based Organizations - like ours have been working with NYSERDA to develop the aggregation arm of the Green Jobs - Green New York program.

    The Friends and Neighbors Program is designed to encourage and reward collective action within a targeted neighborhood, referred to as an “Aggregation” of energy efficiency upgrades.

    Aggregation, is the recruitment of a minimum of 5 homeowners within a neighborhood, who have agreed to use the same contractor (or contractor team) to perform comprehensive home assessments and energy efficiency upgrades.

    PUSH Green has negotiated discounted pricing with contractors to incentivize community participation in the Friends and Neighbors Program. Discounted rates will lock-in when at least three customers sign contracts to have energy efficiency measures installed in their homes, with higher discounts for larger groups of homeowners. 

    Interested in learning more about our Friends and Neighbors Contractors? Check out the list below: 

  • PUSH Green will join in on Buffalo's Citybration

    Attention green fans, attention! This year, our fabulous #GreenTeam will be attending The Buffalo Citybration Annual Festival. The festival starts this Thursday,  June 21 and will end on Sunday, June 24.
    This four-day “party with a purpose” is a fun way to showcases Buffalo’s assets, highlight opportunity and celebrate the city’s many successes to help keep our best and brightest here, to bring back those who have left and to attract entrepreneurs and professionals to help grow our community and our economy.

    This year's festival is all about our beautiful city's spectacular waterfront. Hot air balloon rides, a sunset reception, baseball games, a scavenger hunt, a floating cocktail party, a Canal Side Festival, tours, and much more await this year's Citybration attendees.

    First held in 1907, Buffalo Old Home Week was resurrected 99 years later in 2006. Renamed Buffalo Citybration, the festival is now in its seventh successful year. For more information, and a full schedule of events, visit

    We hope to see you all there!

  • PUSH Green "Partied for the Planet" on Saturday


    On Saturday, June 16, 2012 our PUSH Green staff attended the Buffalo Zoo's "Party for the Planet" energy conservation event to spread the word about our new statewide energy efficiency program. Check out a couple of the photos from Saturday's animaltastic event!

  • What the heck are you saying? My house is a system?

    Once a year, you go to your physician and you get a checkup. S/he listens to your heartbeat and lungs, checks your knee reflexes and blood pressure, looks into your eyes and ears and puts you on the dreaded scale. The check-up doesn’t usually take too long, and afterwards you have your prescriptions or recommendations, as well as a new found peace of mind.

    A comprehensive home assessment is the same thing, but for your house. Every element of your home works together as a system – from your furnace to your attic to your shower, it’s all connected.

    Your BPI-accredited Home Performance Contractor has been trained to look at every part of your house and knows how each part affects the other. A comprehensive home assessment evaluates how your home operates and what can be done to improve its performance, so you can save both energy and money, as well as make your home the most comfortable place to be. 

    When your energy auditor evaluates your home, he knows that your house is a system and anticipates how changing one part might affect another. For example, adding insulation and air sealing prevents heat from escaping, but it also prevents moisture from evaporating and fresh air from coming in. A BPI-accredited Home Performance Contractor would never tighten up your house without making sure that the correct ventilation and exhaust systems were also installed. Another contractor, one without BPI credentials and without the building science background, might simply add insulation without considering the consequences, such as mold and other moisture-related damages and poor indoor air quality. Thus, creating an unideal living environment and, ultimately, more long-term problems for your house and your family.

    When you work with PUSH Green through our Friends and Neighbors program, you get the best value in energy efficiency. BPI-certified Home Performance contractors and Energy Advocates who understand that your home works as a system, work with you to demystify building science to help you make informed decisions about upgrading your home.  Contractors in our Friends and Neighbors program commit to performing work based on national quality standards quickly to maximize your home comfort all year long.  

    Best of all, our Friends and Neighbors program helps bring the savings to you upfront by discounting the work up to 10 percent for groups that decide to take the plunge together.

    So make sure you contact PUSH Green today to find out how to get started!  

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