Paying for your energy upgrade is simple. By using a BPI-Accredited Home Performance Contractor, affordable Green Jobs – Green New York financing is available to help you pay for the cost of your new upgrade. You can now take advantage of cash-back incentives and low interest rates.

You may finance your energy efficiency improvements using the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Loan. It is important to remember that only work performed by a BPI Accredited Contractor participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program will qualify for program incentives.

You can choose from the following financing options to pay for the cost of the work. However, you may be eligible for up to 50 percent additional incentives.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

For those that want to take advantage of low interest financing, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, offers two options through the state’s Green Jobs – Green New York program. Both loan options offer up to $13,000 per household, up to $25,000 if the project meets higher cost-effectiveness standards and repayment periods of 5, 10, or 15 years.

Option 1: On-Bill

On-bill recovery loans provide homeowners the convenience of paying for energy improvements on their utility bill.


  • The current interest rate* is 3.99 percent 
  • Payments will be included in monthly charges from your utility
  • Your annual loan payment is calculated to not exceed the anticipated amount of money you save on energy costs
  • Requires a declaration to be signed and filed by NYSERDA to provide notice to any subsequent purchaser of the property
  • The declaration is not subject to any fees or NYS recording tax and is subordinate to any current or future mortgage on the property
  • When you sell your home you will have the option to transfer the unpaid balance of the loan to the new owners

Option 2: Smart Energy Loans

Smart Energy Loans offer affordable interest rates, flexible terms and simple repayment options.


  • The current interest rate* is 3.99 percent or 3.49 percent if you pay via automatic bank withdrawals
  • Repaid monthly directly to NYSERDA’s loan servicer

For full eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply for either loan, visit 
Energy Finance Solutions or call 1-800-361-5663.

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Residents with a total household income equal to or less than 80 percent of the State or County Median Income may be eligible to receive an up-to-50% grant subsidy for eligible measures, through the State’s Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. Residents with an income of less than 60 percent of the area median income may be eligible for free services through EmPower NY. For more information on either program, contact PUSH Green at 716.886.1780

The expected energy savings over the lifetime of the upgrades must be greater than the cost of the upgrade. In other words, your energy upgrades should pay for themselves with the savings they create.

* These items provide an overview of the underwriting standards for the loan; additional requirements may apply.