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  • Hey! We're almost 5!

    We hope you're well and enjoying the beautiful weather. As the calendar moves forward, we wanted to share some of our achievements as we approach our 5th anniversary. The time has really flown!

    Over the last four years PUSH Green has helped a total of over 500 households across three counties in Western New York have energy efficiency retrofits completed on their homes, apartments and small businesses. Let’s get down to cases. 

    From 2012 to 2016, PUSH Green has had 330 completed retrofits through the Green Jobs/Green New York program.

    Through the free income-based program for homeowners and renters called EmPower NY, from 2012 to 2015, PUSH Green has distributed 700 applications across Western New York.  (According to Honeywell, the agency administering EmPowerNY, 250 of these households have received energy efficiency measures with our help.) 

    In our Green Development Zone alone, 217 households have gone green with us, in a lot of ways!

    (*This number is actually probably much higher, since EmPowerNY applications that we’ve given out don’t always get credited to us.)

    In our new Solar Program, we've gotten 8 homeowners to sign up for solar installations and about half of them have already had their systems installed.

    Then there’s our dynamic Small Commercial Energy Advocate Sheila, who has already met her NYSERDA goals for this year by having 30 businesses complete work through the small commercial program, and there are still more businesses working through the pipeline.

    We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and looking forward to an even  greener future!. Please tell folks you come across to call and talk to us. Besides our in-house programs, we have access to information about housing related issues for our neighbors across Erie County and the city of Niagara Falls. We’re here to connect people to energy and power!

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    Meet the Andujar Family!

    Mom Iris and her son Nathaniel have lived on the West Side of Buffalo for decades. Two years ago, they were able to purchase a home that they had rented years earlier. The first winter revealed a leaking roof which they were unable to afford to repair. Too many of our neighbors have similar issues, structural repair needs that are beyond their budget, and that sadly keep them from accessing energy efficiency programs. The folks that could benefit most from energy efficiency are left out. So, we created the Warm & Dry on the West Side Initiative!

    For the Andujar's, we were able to use our funding to repair the roof and other structural issues, and then we worked with them to access weatherization, appliance upgrades and insulation through NYSERDA. Now cold rooms and drafts are a thing of the past, and they are living greener, healthier and more sustainably. Not only that, helping homeowners stay in their homes makes our community stable and healthy. When you factor in the value of reducing our carbon footprint and creating good paying green jobs - it's a win-win-win!

  • Erie County Fair meets Erie County's energy efficiency program, PUSH Green


    Are you and friends gearing up for the Erie County Fair? 'Cause we sure are! Join us, Aug. 8-19 as we spread the #green word at this year's "wild" fair.

    Our awesome Green Team will be sharing a table with Gary Carrel, Energy $mart Communities Coordinator, in the 4H building.

    The fun starts in two days. Hope to see y'all on Wednesday at 5 p.m.: