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  • My Business Made Better - Tomasik Optical Case Study


    Mike Tomasik is getting his retrofit this fall. For a sneak peak of the work he'll have done, check out this case study........................................................       

  • Small Business & Non-Profit program UPDATE

    The Green Building Retrofit Program is up and running. Small businesses and non-profits located in economically distressed communities across Western New York have historically lacked access to the benefits of energy efficiency assessments and building improvements. Small businesses and non-profit organizations often operate out of older buildings that are victims of commercial district disinvestment, deferred building maintenance, and the legacy costs of environmental contamination. These building related challenges increase the costs of doing business for small commercial firms and non-profit agencies.

    This Incentive Grant program aims to leverage energy efficiency related investments to drive economic development priorities, including local job creation, within distressed communities. Funding will be available to qualified small commercial and non-profit businesses for purposes of making eligible capital improvements that prepare the building for installation of comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit measures through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs-Green NY program.

    Small business owners and operators of non-profits Sheila will be your guide through this process. Below is a sample of how the process works.

    You can contact her at or call our office at 716.884.0356

  • How Green Works For Me: Meet Sheila


    She’s originally from Steel Town – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Meet Sheila Richards–Perez, she's the newest member of the PUSH Green team and is working specifically in our Green Building Retrofit Program. This program targets small businesses and non-profits to implement energy efficient upgrades and capital improvements to their buildings. When asked about the importance of the new Green Building Retrofit Program, this is what she had to say; “the building stock (of Buffalo) is of an age where you need to make interventions and if you don’t keep up with those interventions things can get out of control.” This retrofit part of the program is a perfect opportunity to invest in building improvements.

    Sheila’s work with PUSH Green is a great use of her time. As a registered architect, “I feel that with my qualifications I can help people better understand their buildings. I’m looking to be a liaison between the knowledge of what it may mean to take care of a building and what they (the owner) already know about their building” she says.


    She has an undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies and a Masters in Architecture. Sheila appreciates the historical heritage of Buffalo but recognizes the importance of building upgrades to maintain buildings properly. Her Name is Sheila, a Rust Belt native, who knows what we’re facing in Buffalo and she wants to meet you!

    PS: Small businesses/non-profits get started today. Here's a link to the info form.

  • How Green Works For Me: Meet Jason


    Meet Jason Kulaszewski (pronounced “cool-la-sheaz-ski”) he’s a Western New York native and one of our new Community Energy Advocates. Jason who hails from Depew NY which is right outside of Buffalo moved into the city (on the West Side) 10 years ago. He is a homeowner of about 3 years now.

    Jason likes the momentum that’s happening in the region particularly in the city “I was really drawn to Buffalo once I moved down here because I’m a musician, an artist in that sense. People seem to be more open minded about progressive type of thinking” says Jason.

    PUSH Green was a natural fit for his philosophy on life. “It gives me an opportunity to work with people in the community a little bit more. The purpose of the (PUSH Green) program is to help homeowners save money on their energy bills, and to make Western New York more energy efficient and sustainable. This is something I wanted to do since college. Working here is pretty much a dream job right now” he exclaims.


    Welcome to the team Jason we’re glad to have you!

    He graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in Urban Analysis and Regional Planning, says “ I love Buffalo because it’s my home”, and he’s happy to be working for PUSH Green. His name is Jason he’s your Community Energy Advocate and he wants to meet you.


  • Share the Savings Referral Contest Begins

    Tell a friend, tell a friend of a friend. The Share the Savings Referral contest has begun!

    "The community benefits by partnering with groups like PUSH Green. As the districts' representative, I applaud the program and its staff. Home improvements and energy efficiencies help homeowners, neighborhoods, and our next generation."

    - Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli


    As some may, or may not know PUSH Green, a newly formed arm of PUSH Buffalo, has been created to:

    1. Expand access to weatherization services across Erie County for all residents, regardless of income.
    2. Work with homeowners who are interested in lowering their utility bills and making their home more comfortable through energy efficiency improvements like insulation and high-efficiency furnaces that help to reduce our region’s energy usage
    3. Offers free comprehensive energy assessments of your home. If you choose to proceed with home improvements, we can help you access a new NYSERDA program that will allow you to finance improvements right on to your utility bill, eliminating the need to pay up-front.

    We need your help in spreading the word about our Share the Savings program! You can help in two simple ways:

    1. Improve Your Own Home. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive home energy assessment, today! Call (716) 886-1780 and ask to speak with a PUSH Green Energy Advocate to get the process started!
    2. Serving as an advocate for homeowners who are interested inlowering their utility bills and making their home more comfortable through energy efficiency improvements like insulation and high-efficiency furnacesthat help to reduce our region’s energy usage. Your PUSH Green Energy Advocate is only a phone call away throughout the upgrade process.

    The link to the online referral form is HERE

    We’ll be tallying up the referrals and announcing the winners of Share the Savings the first week of March.

    Prizes for those who refer the largest number of homeowners interested in learning about PUSH Green are as follows:

    First Prize: $200 Gift Certificate for Buffalo Chophouse
    Three Runners Up:
    $50 Gift Certificate for Allen Street Hardware
    $50 Gift Certificate for Lexington Co-Op
    $50 Gift Certificate for Black Rock Kitchen & Bar

    Have questions? Contact PUSH Green Program Manager at or 716-886-1780

    Let’s work to green our community while creating quality jobs in the process through Share the Savings.

    #staygreen and #LIVEBetter friends #ShareTheSavings!



  • On-Bill Financing: It's easy as 1-2-3

    We’ve been going on for months about why On-Bill Financing is so green-tastic but, do you really know why? Learn everything you need to know about how you can pay for your energy-saving improvements with this budget-friendly tool below! #staygreenfriends #happythursdayfolks


    For more information about On-Bill Financing visit us online here

  • Erie County Fair meets Erie County's energy efficiency program, PUSH Green


    Are you and friends gearing up for the Erie County Fair? 'Cause we sure are! Join us, Aug. 8-19 as we spread the #green word at this year's "wild" fair.

    Our awesome Green Team will be sharing a table with Gary Carrel, Energy $mart Communities Coordinator, in the 4H building.

    The fun starts in two days. Hope to see y'all on Wednesday at 5 p.m.:

  • Green Jobs - Green New York case study | WWII-era Buffalo home gets an extreme makeover

    Tom Digrace of Tonawanda, N.Y. participated in NYSERDA's Green Jobs - Green New York program to make his home more energy efficient year-round. Read more about his experience in the program below.

    Learn more about our PUSH Green program by visiting us online or by contacting us at 716-886-1780. We can't wait to help you and your family. 
  • Friends & Neighbors | The bundles have finally been assigned

    On Monday, June 11 our fabulous #GreenTeam spun our "Friends and Neighbors Wheel" to determine which bundles would be assigned to our state approved Friends and Neighbors contractors. 

    Over the last few months, CBO's - Community Based Organizations - like ours have been working with NYSERDA to develop the aggregation arm of the Green Jobs - Green New York program.

    The Friends and Neighbors Program is designed to encourage and reward collective action within a targeted neighborhood, referred to as an “Aggregation” of energy efficiency upgrades.

    Aggregation, is the recruitment of a minimum of 5 homeowners within a neighborhood, who have agreed to use the same contractor (or contractor team) to perform comprehensive home assessments and energy efficiency upgrades.

    PUSH Green has negotiated discounted pricing with contractors to incentivize community participation in the Friends and Neighbors Program. Discounted rates will lock-in when at least three customers sign contracts to have energy efficiency measures installed in their homes, with higher discounts for larger groups of homeowners. 

    Interested in learning more about our Friends and Neighbors Contractors? Check out the list below: 

  • Home energy efficiency model

    Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

    Pretty sound energy efficient model for a homeowner interested in upgrading their house.