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  • Free Energy Audits & Other Stuff


    "Many hands make light work", so goes that old proverb. In the case of the PUSH Green Friends & Neighbors Program...."Many neighbors make affordable energy efficiency upgrades". Among many other services we conduct free energy audits. Call 716.886.1780 today to find out if you, and your neighbors qualify for savings in energy efficiency upgrades to your homes!

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  • Friends and Neighbors for Sustainability


    For those who missed the piece on our Friends and Neighbors program on Buffalo Rising here is a link to the post.

  • How Green Works for Me: Meet Lin


    What many in the community do not know is that PUSH Buffalo is now a certified organization through NYSERDA for new money, and energy saving programs available to a host of New York State residents.

    PUSH Green is a manifestation of these past few years of sustainability advocacy on our part.

    PUSH Green is the energy efficiency (EE) arm of PUSH Buffalo. We've been given initiative from State officials to actively engage in (and lead in) the energy efficiency reform process. This reform process includes expanding EE to different areas of Western New York.

    Lin (or Ba Zan Lin) is a Community Energy Advocate with PUSH Green. His job is to go out into various communities within Western New York and get them involved with PUSH Green EE programs.

    Lin and his family are originally from Burma, and various members of his family have immigrated to the United States over the past 15 years. Coming from a tropical environment to a cold one here helped Lin value the concept of EE. EE is important to him because “growing up with my mom sick….we had a tough time keeping up with the bills”.

    PUSH Green “focuses on organizing around EE work in Western New York” says Lin. Through PUSH Green programs like the Friends & Neighbors Program “neighbors get together to share stories, self-interest, and share values” he says. States Lin “When we bundle 5 or more people you get more people to save money on their dollars, and you build community”.

    Lin is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, who’s bringing new, fresh, and young energy to the Buffalo area. He’s doing important work, he’s your Community Energy Advocate, and he wants to see you! To find out more about the Friends & Neighbors or other PUSH Green programs, and how they can help you contact us at 716.886.1780.

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  • Why you should become a #COGBlocker

    Uh-oh...looks like our PUSH Green team has an arch nemesis on the rise. And his name? Gene Vashing. Mr. Vashing is a proud, overly compensated representative for Coal, Oil and Gas America (COG America). His mission in life? To stop #COGBlockers, like us and our PUSH Green team, who believe in working to improve our communities through energy efficiency. 

    Vashing believes that people should not be getting paid to weatherize (or upgrade) your homes. After all, "If we are trying to convene with nature, why fight to keep weather out?"

    Looks like Mr. Vashing is working pretty hard to NOT save you or your friends and neighbors any money on your energy bills! 

    It's Gene Vashing vs. the #COGBlockers!

    Whose side are you on?

    #staygreen #livebetterbuffalo