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  • Hey! We're almost 5!

    We hope you're well and enjoying the beautiful weather. As the calendar moves forward, we wanted to share some of our achievements as we approach our 5th anniversary. The time has really flown!

    Over the last four years PUSH Green has helped a total of over 500 households across three counties in Western New York have energy efficiency retrofits completed on their homes, apartments and small businesses. Let’s get down to cases. 

    From 2012 to 2016, PUSH Green has had 330 completed retrofits through the Green Jobs/Green New York program.

    Through the free income-based program for homeowners and renters called EmPower NY, from 2012 to 2015, PUSH Green has distributed 700 applications across Western New York.  (According to Honeywell, the agency administering EmPowerNY, 250 of these households have received energy efficiency measures with our help.) 

    In our Green Development Zone alone, 217 households have gone green with us, in a lot of ways!

    (*This number is actually probably much higher, since EmPowerNY applications that we’ve given out don’t always get credited to us.)

    In our new Solar Program, we've gotten 8 homeowners to sign up for solar installations and about half of them have already had their systems installed.

    Then there’s our dynamic Small Commercial Energy Advocate Sheila, who has already met her NYSERDA goals for this year by having 30 businesses complete work through the small commercial program, and there are still more businesses working through the pipeline.

    We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and looking forward to an even  greener future!. Please tell folks you come across to call and talk to us. Besides our in-house programs, we have access to information about housing related issues for our neighbors across Erie County and the city of Niagara Falls. We’re here to connect people to energy and power!

  • C&R Housing with PUSH Green Training Opportunity


  • Why we’re hosting an Ambassador Event on May 15th

    We've traveled to Albany more times than we can count to advocate for legislation that helps to promote energy efficiency. With help from our partners across the state, that legislation – Green Jobs Green New York – became a reality in 2009.

    Since then, we've knocked on hundreds of doors.

    We've tabled at community events and presented at churches and neighborhood association groups.

    And we've convened over a dozen energy efficiency contractors in our community to form our program.

    We’re in year three and we’re looking to expand. We started out in Erie County and now we’re looking to connect with home and small business owners in Niagara and Cattaraugus Counties too.

    So we’re having an ambassador event to kick things off.

    In 2008, Erie County Homeowners with income at or below 80% of the annual median income paid $267,516,827 more than they could afford for their energy bills." 

    The above is a statement from the 2011 LIFE Energy Affordability Gap report. Energy bills continue to rise and our beautiful housing stock continues to age – the need for energy efficiency in our region will only increase from here.

    In the past, we've partnered with trusted allies like NYS Assemblyman Sean Ryan, Village of Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang and Buffalo Common Council Member Michael J. LoCurto to help us get the word out about our program. We're so grateful for these partnership and know this is only the beginning.

    Why are we having an ambassador’s event on May 15, 5:30 PM at Coco Bistro & Bar?

    Because our friends and neighbors continue to deal with rising energy costs.

    Because we need jobs in our community and we believe they can be created through the weatherization sector.

    Do you have a friend or neighbor who endured this harsh winter without proper insulation or a proper furnace in their home?

    Want to help drive real job creation in our community?

    If so, the ambassador event is for you.

    Join us! 

  • Small Business & Non-Profit program UPDATE

    The Green Building Retrofit Program is up and running. Small businesses and non-profits located in economically distressed communities across Western New York have historically lacked access to the benefits of energy efficiency assessments and building improvements. Small businesses and non-profit organizations often operate out of older buildings that are victims of commercial district disinvestment, deferred building maintenance, and the legacy costs of environmental contamination. These building related challenges increase the costs of doing business for small commercial firms and non-profit agencies.

    This Incentive Grant program aims to leverage energy efficiency related investments to drive economic development priorities, including local job creation, within distressed communities. Funding will be available to qualified small commercial and non-profit businesses for purposes of making eligible capital improvements that prepare the building for installation of comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit measures through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs-Green NY program.

    Small business owners and operators of non-profits Sheila will be your guide through this process. Below is a sample of how the process works.

    You can contact her at or call our office at 716.884.0356

  • Free Energy Audits & Other Stuff


    "Many hands make light work", so goes that old proverb. In the case of the PUSH Green Friends & Neighbors Program...."Many neighbors make affordable energy efficiency upgrades". Among many other services we conduct free energy audits. Call 716.886.1780 today to find out if you, and your neighbors qualify for savings in energy efficiency upgrades to your homes!

    #staygreen and #LIVEBetter friends!

  • Friends and Neighbors for Sustainability


    For those who missed the piece on our Friends and Neighbors program on Buffalo Rising here is a link to the post.

  • Meet high road contractor Cyd Cox


    Check out a few photos from our new, upcoming "Walk the High Road" PUSH Green Friends and Neighbors contractor interview series that our summer intern, Sarah Coderre, conducted today at our office with Cyd Cox, owner of EcoLogic Home.

    Cox is one of our Friends and Neighbors High Road Contractors. Looks like Sarah conducted another awesome interview.

  • PUSH BTPAP informational session


    Last night Buffalo residents attended BTPAP's Info Session to learn more about the trade apprenticeship's new, free 8-week building trades training program. Check out a few photos from last night's event!  #greenjobs  

  • Sneek peak alert | Workforce canvassing prep session

    Our Workforce Development Team went a knock, knock, knockin' on a few doors yesterday afternoon with one of our new workforce recruits. Check out the sneak peek shots we got of them going over their wraps before hitting the town.

    Think you have what it takes to work in the green jobs sector? Not really sure how to go about finding work or enrolling in green jobs trainings? Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about the green jobs field.

    SNEAK PEEK No. 1: Johnnie Fenderson, community workforce organizer, going over PUSH Green program info with one of our workforce trainees, Shaun Duffy. Don't they look snazzy in our new PUSH Green t-shirts? I think we may need to figure out a way to give one of them away...

    SNEAK PEEK No. 2: Fenderson going over a few canvassing tricks and must do's with our awesome workforce trainee.

  • PUSH Green workforce development update

    Green Jobs Trainees pose for their close-up after completing BPI's Basic Air Sealing and Insulation Training.

    In early April, PUSH held a PUSH Green Worker Mobilization event. After a month of one-on-one meetings with alumni from local pre-apprenticeship and certification training programs, more than two dozen area residents interested in careers in weatherization and energy efficiency turned out for the event. Several home performance contractors and a representative from Local 161 of the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) were in the house as well.

    Attendees participated in small group round robin interviews with contractors and LiUNA, heard from PUSH Green's workforce staff about opportunities to build a “Community Jobs Pipeline” through Green Jobs-Green New York, and then signed up to hit the streets to generate the customer demand that will put them in demand as emerging workers.

    Thirteen trainees, who attended the PUSH Green Worker Mobilization event, have since completed BPI Basic Air Sealing and Insulation training sponsored by LiUNA, and are now looking forward to growing the home performance industry in WNY as original members of LiUNA’s Local 161.