Friends and Neighbors Program

In addition to conducting grassroots outreach efforts across Erie County, our Community Energy Advocates will use a neighborhood approach to identify and connect homeowners in specific areas who are interested in building more sustainable communities together.

About PUSH Green’s Friends and Neighbors Program

PUSH Green’s Friends and Neighbors Program is designed to help Erie County homeowners make a larger impact on their communities (and their homes) by scaling up work in the energy efficiency sector. The Friends and Neighbors Program encourages and rewards collective action within specific neighborhoods, which are prime targets for energy efficiency work and the benefits it can bring.

So, how does the Friends and Neighbors Program Work?

The Friends and Neighbors Program works when 5-10 homeowners, who live within specific neighborhoods, agree to use the same contractor (or contractor team) to perform their comprehensive home energy assessments and energy efficiency upgrades. By bundling these homeowners together, we are able to provide a discount up to 10% on the total of your energy efficiency upgrade.

To date, PUSH Green has negotiated discounted pricing with contractors to incentivize community participation in our Friends and Neighbors Program. The discounts are guaranteed when three customers in your bundle sign contracts to have energy efficiency measures installed in their homes. Homeowners who bundle with more than five of their friends or neighbors will receive even more discounts.

Do I have to find friends and neighbors who will participate with me?

In Western New York, we're all neighbors. That's why we'll work to bundle homeowners together to receive the most amount of discount. But we wouldn't turn away a friend of yours who'd like to participate!

Where are the Friends and Neighbors areas?

Our Friends and Neighbors program is located within city of Buffalo limits and the first ring suburbs. Not sure if that's you? Here's a list of the exact zip codes we operate this program in:


Do you think the PUSH Green Friends and Neighbors program is for you? Here's an initial application

Return the application to but we highly encourage you give us a call at 886-1780 to find out about other incentives you might qualify for.


PUSH Green and NYSERDA are actively recruiting contractors to participate in the Friends and Neighbors Program. Contractors who make the decision to participate and qualify for the program are assigned projects on a rotating basis, meaning that each contractor has a turn at receiving energy efficiency projects, but must be able to begin and complete projects, either individually or by working as a contractor team, within established project timelines.


NOTE: Contractors who participate in PUSH Green’s Friends and Neighbors Program are required to sign upfront commitments with NYSERDA to hire local residents, pay family sustaining wages and health benefits to workers, ensure new and existing workers are trained and qualified, and partner with women and minority-owned businesses on Aggregation Pilot projects.