Good music to the ears – Home is where the heart is

Good music to the ears – Home is where the heart is

“Just random memories of life without energy efficiency” - (PBI)

By Professor Bill Insulation (PBI)

“Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to build it up” – The Dells

Home is where the heart is. Some of us remember finally getting our own rooms (if we had siblings), getting our first apartments, or buying our first residences. Some of us remember our first jobs, and first starting our own small businesses. The feeling of independence is something that makes life worth living.

“Heart is a house for love, and I’ve learned, that it don’t take much to break” – Dells

I remember singing this line in my head when the ancient artifact known as our furnace died out in an apartment I lived in one late September. It wasn’t an Indian summer either; this particular fall was as cold as you know what. It was quite the experience to say the least. The one thing that I’ll always remember is that under certain conditions, one becomes very creative in finding ways to generate and keep heat. I remember plugging in every lamp I had, and opening the oven door for heat. I also received a much higher than normal electric bill.

I wish there was a program like PUSH Green years ago when I was working in an old warehouse for a company which no longer exists. It wasn’t a bad place to work, other than the fact that the building it was in wasn’t very energy efficient. I worked during the 2nd shift, at night working production during the winter. At night in the winter time in Buffalo, the weather is the coldest. One of the job requirements not mentioned on the application was a winter coat. I’m not sure what they paid in utility bills, but it seemed like the heat that was there was just going right out the window.

“Build it up, build it up, build it up, build it up” – The Dells

I mentioned these horror stories because home is where the heart is, winter is coming (probably one of the scariest things you’ve heard all summer right?) and I want you to know how to get energy efficient. If you didn’t know, there are resources available for you to get your residence or small business ready. PUSH Green has residential (homes, apartment units), and commercial (small businesses) programs. Each program works differently so you’ll have to give one of their Community Energy Advocates a call at 716.886.1780 to learn more.


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