How It Works

Getting your home retrofitted can be confusing. We break down the process into these simple steps.

1. Apply
Our BPI trained Energy Advocates will provide you with the easy application for a comprehensive home energy assessment, and answer any questions you might have. Call (716).886.1780 now to speak with an Energy Advocate, or apply online here. Your application will be tagged to us for follow-up and help.

2. Assess
A comprehensive home energy assessment is FREE for almost all New York State residents. Your assessment will tell exactly what work needs to be done to make your home more energy efficient.

3. Finance
For the first time you can pay for your energy upgrades the way you pay for energy - right on your utility bill. With On-Bill Recovery you can now use your energy savings to pay back your loan. You might also qualify for grants and subsidies to help pay for the work. Your Energy Advocate can help you figure out the option that's best for you.

4. Transform
The average homeowner could save up to $700 on annual energy bills! Not only that, you'll make your home more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient; make your community more sustainable and help create family-sustaining jobs in the green economy.

Call us with any questions at 716-886-1780. There may be other options available for you and your family. Our energy advocates are here to help find what works best for you!

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