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  • Benefits of an Energy Advocate


    (Marty and Natalie, Residential Energy Advocates; Sheila, Commercial EA with Minh Tran of 99 Fast Food)

    Ever have an experience when the task of talking to a state agency seems daunting? Here at PUSH Green, we talk a lot about working with NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Agency) and we know that it can make people feel uneasy about applying for grants to get energy efficiency work done.

    That’s why we have two dedicated Residential Energy Advocates and a Commercial Energy Advocates on staff to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence. Our EA’s are on hand to help you from the earliest phase through completion, advocating for the homeowner or business owner with state agencies, financial entities, and contractors, making sure that your project is as streamlined as possible.

    Their BPI (Building Performance Institute) certification means that they’re qualified to also access building structures and confirm necessary work done suggested by our high road contractors. They meet regularly with contractors to determine where in the process a home is and keep projected completion dates on track.

    Not sure which document is needed to get funding? Ask your energy advocate.

    Concerns about your contractor? Call your energy advocate.

    Receive a letter that you’re confused about? Talk to your energy advocate.

    Energy advocates are readily available to talk about all your options, review any issues you may have, and walk you through the process.

    They’re here to connect you to energy and power


  • My Business Made Better - Tomasik Optical Case Study


    Mike Tomasik is getting his retrofit this fall. For a sneak peak of the work he'll have done, check out this case study........................................................       

  • Green & Healthy Homes Program

    Interested in getting a new high energy efficiency furnace, a hot water tank installed, and attic insulation installed? Need basement rim joist insulation installed? You might want to check into the PUSH Green & Healthy Homes program.

    PUSH Green + Healthy Homes is PUSH Green's FREE weatherization program for eligible homeowners in the city of Buffalo. To find out more call 716.886.1780 and talk to one of Community Energy Advocates!

  • How Green Works For Me: Meet Jason


    Meet Jason Kulaszewski (pronounced “cool-la-sheaz-ski”) he’s a Western New York native and one of our new Community Energy Advocates. Jason who hails from Depew NY which is right outside of Buffalo moved into the city (on the West Side) 10 years ago. He is a homeowner of about 3 years now.

    Jason likes the momentum that’s happening in the region particularly in the city “I was really drawn to Buffalo once I moved down here because I’m a musician, an artist in that sense. People seem to be more open minded about progressive type of thinking” says Jason.

    PUSH Green was a natural fit for his philosophy on life. “It gives me an opportunity to work with people in the community a little bit more. The purpose of the (PUSH Green) program is to help homeowners save money on their energy bills, and to make Western New York more energy efficient and sustainable. This is something I wanted to do since college. Working here is pretty much a dream job right now” he exclaims.


    Welcome to the team Jason we’re glad to have you!

    He graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in Urban Analysis and Regional Planning, says “ I love Buffalo because it’s my home”, and he’s happy to be working for PUSH Green. His name is Jason he’s your Community Energy Advocate and he wants to meet you.


  • His name is Alex Kuttesch

    This is Alex Kuttesch, environmental educator, and one of our PUSH Green Energy Advocates. Make sure you give Alex a shout the next time you see him out in your neighborhood a knock, knock, knockin' on your door. And please, don't forget to explore the rest of our site to meet the rest of our fab Green Team and to learn more about our exciting new program. #happygreenhumpday


    (Photo credit: PUSHBuffalo, Instagram) 

  • Fun Fact Monday: #LowerURUsage Buffalo

    Good afternoon Green fam! Did you know that 30 percent of the energy used in most buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily? #LowerURUsage with PUSH Green and Green Jobs - Green New York. Visit us online to learn how today! #happymondayfolks


  • June greetings from PUSH Green


    We just launched our June e-Newsletter: June Greetings from PUSH Green! Scan the QR Code - above - to check it out online. Just don't forget to sign-up for our awesome newsletter online at #Happyreading Green Family!