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  • Why you should become a #COGBlocker

    Uh-oh...looks like our PUSH Green team has an arch nemesis on the rise. And his name? Gene Vashing. Mr. Vashing is a proud, overly compensated representative for Coal, Oil and Gas America (COG America). His mission in life? To stop #COGBlockers, like us and our PUSH Green team, who believe in working to improve our communities through energy efficiency. 

    Vashing believes that people should not be getting paid to weatherize (or upgrade) your homes. After all, "If we are trying to convene with nature, why fight to keep weather out?"

    Looks like Mr. Vashing is working pretty hard to NOT save you or your friends and neighbors any money on your energy bills! 

    It's Gene Vashing vs. the #COGBlockers!

    Whose side are you on?

    #staygreen #livebetterbuffalo

  • Community energy advocates 'plant' some lawn signs

    We just love this photo of Energy Advocate Rachelle getting ready to deliver our PUSH Green "Friends and Neighbors" lawn signs to our green-riffic members! 


    (Keep warm and dry Rachelle!)

  • The Uminski's get it, do you?

    Learn why the Uminski's support PUSH Green. Visit us online for more information about how our awesome Energy Advocates, Alex and Rachelle, can help you, your friends and your neighbors today! #LIVEBetter 

  • Meet our latest Green Captains

    Friends, let’s take a moment to welcome Frank and Sue to the PUSH Green family.

    BTW: We heard from a well placed source that your PUSH Green House Meeting went really, really well.

    Isn’t that such green-rific news?!

    Welcome to the family. #happyfridayfolks #LIVEBetter

  • 200 likes on Facebook

    A huge THANKS to everyone who helped us reach 200 "likes" on Facebook! We ♥ you all! #happygreenfriday #livebetter #staygreen


  • Meet PUSH Green Friends and Neighbor contractor Cyd Cox


    Get over your mid-week you know what we mean...and take a minute to meet one of our great, green-tastic Friends and Neighbors Contractor Cyd Cox. Then, tune-in on Friday for the premiere of our "Why I Walk the High Road" web series and learn more about Cyd and the Friends and Neighbors program. #happygreenhumpday