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  • Tahara family host fourth PUSH Green House Meeting



    On Thursday, September 20, PUSH Green Captains Wayne and Mary Ann Tahara hosted our program’s fourth House Meeting. Members and leaders of their community gathered at All Saints Church in Black Rock to learn all about PUSH Green and our growing Friends and Neighbors Program.

    Everyone in attendance was excited to learn exactly how PUSH Green can directly benefit their community and the organizations they that serve.

    Representatives from organizations such as The Good Neighbor Planning Alliance, Rediscover Riverside, The Episcopal Church, and North District Common Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr., were all in attendance to learn how they can help (and join) our growing PUSH Green program.

    By the end of the meeting, it was clear to Kate (PUSH Green program manager) and I, that everyone at Thursday’s House Meeting was extremely invested and interested in bettering the community – especially in Buffalo’s historic Black Rock.

    It was also obvious that PUSH Green could really help these organizations in achieving their goals of neighborhood stability (and sustainability) and economic prosperity. Mercy, from Rediscover Riverside, even invited us to present at the organization’s next Members Meeting on October 10.

    Thanks for a great meeting with such fun, influential people, Wayne!

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  • Meet our new PUSH Green Captains

    Get over your mid-week "hump" and take a moment to meet our new PUSH Green Captains, Wayne and Mary Ann. Welcome to the PUSH Green family! #happygreenhumpday


  • Uminski family featured in Center for Working Families' "Watt's New?" newsletter

    Looks like our awesome PUSH Green Team and the Uminski family - Mary Jane and Denis Uminski - will be featured in the Center for Working Families e-Newsletter, "Watt's New? The Green Jobs/Green New York Progress Report."

    We are absolutely thrilled for everyone! Read more about the Uminski's and their mission to help make our PUSH Green program the best energy efficiency program in Western New York.

    – Knock knock.

    – Who’s there?

    – Your local community-based organization, telling you about how an energy assessment and retrofit can keep you warmer in winter, cooler in summer – while saving you money on your utility bill.

    It’s no joke. Organizations like PUSH in Buffalo and Albany’s Affordable Housing Partnership (among others) are knocking on doors, throwing house parties and using Facebook to recruit homeowners who otherwise might not know how they can participate in Green Jobs/Green New York.

    Before Green Jobs/Green New York launched, energy retrofits were a hit-and-miss affair. Contractors would rely on ads and hope customers would come their way. But GJGNY includes a vital outreach component, unique to New York State (and advocated by the Center for Working Families). By the end of the year, 18 local community groups will have reached thousands of homeowners – and helped them navigate the retrofit process.

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  • Marsh - Ziller family host second PUSH Green house meeting

    On May 30, more than 30 people gathered at Linda Marsh and Art Ziller's home in Elmwood Village for our second PUSH Green House Meeting. Linda and Art invited all of their neighbors, as well as a few of their close friends to learn more about our unique, new energy efficiency program.

    Kate Howard, PUSH Green program manager, talked with attendees about PUSH Green and the Friends and Neighbors Aggregation Pilot Program and about how we as consumers can improve Erie County’s neighborhoods by investing in energy efficiency through programs like PUSH Green.

    "So often, you know that donating money to a good cause is a way to contribute and make a difference in our community,” said Art Ziller, PUSH Green captain and co-host. “With PUSH Green, you can help the community by saving money.”

    During the meeting, Howard went through the program’s ends and outs; walking attendees through the program’s process and answering any questions that guests had about contractors, financing and what to expect from an energy assessment.

    After the meeting, interested guests signed up to enroll in the program and to even host a PUSH Green House Meeting of their own, all while enjoying great food, friendship and conversation.

    Check a few photos from the Marsh – Ziller PUSH Green House Meeting:

    Linda Marsh, PUSH Green captain and co-host, surprised her guests with this delicious PUSH Green “Friends and Neighbors” cookie cake.

    Mary and Betsy, PUSH Green house meeting attendees, posed for a quick picture before the start of the Marsh – Ziller meeting.

    Linda Marsh, PUSH Green captain and co-host, explaining that PUSH is a trusted group to work with for improving older houses.

    Friends and neighbors learning about PUSH Green

    Kate Howard and house meeting participants

    Linda Marsh, push green captain and co-host, looks on as Kate talks more about the PUSH Green program.

    Delicious curry chicken and roti made by Augustine Gilchrist, PUSH Buffalo member and community development team member, was served at the meeting. Her wonderful dish was a huge hit at the house party!

  • The Uminski family host first PUSH Green house meeting

    On May 15, Denis and Mary Jane Uminski held our program’s very first PUSH Green House Meeting. Thirteen of their closest friends and neighbors joined the Uminski’s and program Energy Advocate, Rachelle Moses, to learn more about the program, the state’s new On-Bill Recovery Loan Program and all around tips about how to make the most out of one’s time in the program.

    “PUSH Green is a wonderful new energy efficiency program,” stated Mary Jane Uminski. “Who wouldn’t want to cut down their energy consumption and save money in this economy?”

    Meeting attendees were guided through the PUSH Green program by Energy Advocate Moses, step-by-step. Questions regarding the program, the new Friends and Neighbors program, and financing options were addressed during the Uminski’s two hour meeting.

    “We will be hosting another PUSH Green House Meeting sometime next month,” said Uminski. “We love this program.”

    Check out a few photos from Tuesday’s event: