Meet the Staff

Sage Green - Solar Energy Advocate

Sage is a native Western New Yorker who comes to us as an experienced Home Energy Assessment auditor. She grew up learning in Buffalo Public Schools, running around the city, and rowing on water ways all over the world. Her background is in urban planning and social justice with a focus on community resiliency. She is incredibly excited to work in Community Solar, educating people on how renewables work and advocating for how they can work for our communities.

What's your favorite time of year in Buffalo?
Summer because it is gloriously sunny - people don't know it but we have some of the sunniest summers in the North East. But really, any time of year is fun here. I really like having seasons. 

What's your favorite place to hang out in Buffalo?
I'm pretty sure that water has a gravitational pull on me because I really like to spend time on the water front, Hoyt Lake, Martin Luther King Park Splash Pad, and Ellicott Creek Dog Island.

  Jason Kulaszewski - PUSH Green Program Manager

Jason is a life-long Western New Yorker living on the West Side. He has been educating people about various preservation efforts in our community at the Richardson Complex, Central Terminal, and with the nationally recognized preservation group Buffalo’s Young Preservationists (BYP). As a Community Energy Advocate he is able to help homeowners across Western New York to invest in their homes and communities which will preserve them and make our local housing more sustainable for the foreseeable future. “Having the opportunity to work with the community is the ideal situation for me, and I am glad to be a part of the PUSH team

Do you have a favorite quote/saying about Buffalo? "Buffalo is the best designed city in the country if not the world.- Frederick Law Olmsted

Do you have a favorite spot in Buffalo? No one spot but I do like getting to all of my spots by bike riding to all of the cool places around the city.



Sheila Richards-Perez  - Commercial Energy Advocate 

Sheila is very proud to be an energy advocate for small businesses and non-profit agencies.  She recognizes the continued importance and impact energy management has on overhead and operating costs that directly impact their bottom line.  As a registered architect, helping owners understand the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades in order to make more informed capital improvements decisions is at the center of what she does for each owner.

What is your favorite thing about Buffalo in the summer?  Hands down the Open-Air Autobus!  Featuring Buffalo as a city of museum quality architecture against the vast network of parks and parkways can't be seen anywhere else!

Do you have a favorite spot in Buffalo? My front porch.  A place where you can connect and interact with the outdoors, your neighbors and friends without having to go far after a long day.



  Luana DeJesus - Program Assistant

Luana DeJesus is a transplant to Buffalo from Western Massachusetts. Her background is in theater, dance, music, and promotions with a focus on social justice issues. After 3 years of volunteer work with the National Fuel Accountability Coalition, Luana was thrilled to join the PUSH Green team and be part of reviving the community by keeping more people in their homes.



    Natalie Rodriguez - Community Energy Advocate

Natalie is a longtime resident of Buffalo's West Side, recently relocating to Black Rock with her husband. Last year, the couple received the services of PUSH Green on their home and know first hand of the money saving benefits this program has. Having strong roots in Western New York, Natalie is looking forward to serving the community and making a difference in people's lives.

Do you have a favorite spot in Buffalo to hang out? Any Park! Softball and volleyball are two big sports in my family. So we might be at the park watching the guys play softball or playing a pick up game of volleyball.That's where we relax and enjoy each others company!

Favorite Buffalo restaurant? That's hard one! I'd have to say Fat Bob's.



    Martin Willett - Community Energy Advocate

Marty is a proud lower West Side resident and has ties to the west side going back six generations. He has over 10 years experience in the construction field as well as building some of the most energy-efficient homes in the area. Marty has a passion for green building and improving the homes in the community.

What is your favorite restaurant in Buffalo? A little pub in the Old First Ward called Gene McCarthy’s. It has a great view of the grain silos, the food is good and they make their own beer.

Favorite thing about Buffalo in the winter? Going for walks during snow storms and the silence after a big snow fall.