On-Bill Financing


As of Jan. 30, 2012, you can finance your energy upgrades using the State’s On-Bill Recovery Loan Program. On-Bill will allow you to finance your energy upgrade with low-interest payments conveniently built into your existing utility bill. Your repayment amount will be based on projected savings on that bill.

On-Bill Features:

  • Convenient – no separate bill to pay
  • Repay from the money you save on energy
  • Low 3.49% interest rate 
  • Transferable if you sell your property  

Additional On-Bill Features: 

  • Residential Building Owners: An applicant or co-applicant who owns a 1-to-4 unit residential building; at least one applicant must be an individual, but may include a legal entity as a co-applicant.

  • Utility Companies: The applicant or co-applicant must be named on the utility account for one of the following participating utilities: National Grid or New York State Electric and Gas Corporation 

  • Property Deed Holders: All individuals or legal entity representatives named on the property deed must sign an On-Bill Recovery Program Declaration, which will be filed by NYSERDA. 

  • Repaid via NYSERDA: Repaid through a NYSERDA Loan Installment charge on your utility bill, you will be billed directly by NYSERDA's loan servicer.

  • Financing Options: Up to $13,000 (up to $25,000 if financed portion of the project has a payback of 15 years or less).

  • Loan Options: Minimum loan $3,000 ($1,500 for consumers who qualify for Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR subsidy of 50 percent, up to $5,000, of cost).


NYSERDA has confirmed that customers who are on a Budget Payment Plan with their utility company and decide to take out an On-Bill Recovery Loan will have no immediate change to the Budget Payment Amount. The utility company will follow the normal processes of analyzing customer's account on a quarterly basis to compare budget bill payments to total billed charges (both utility charges and On-Bill Recovery installments), and adjust as necessary.


For additional information about NYSERDA's On-Bill Recovery Loan, visit them online or simply click here to learn more about this unique new financing opportunity. 

Have a Complaint?

Complaints concerning the operation of the On-Bill Recovery mechanism, including complaints concerning the amount of the NYSERDA Loan Installment, any energy efficiency work performed by the contractor, the amount of energy savings realized as a result of the improvements, or matters associated with the lender and/or the loan should be addressed to NYSERDA On-Bill Recovery Complaints and submitted by:
  • (a) mail to 17 Columbia Circle, Albany, New York 12203;
  • (b) e-mail to nyserdaloan@nyserda.ny.gov; or
  • (c) phone through the toll-free number 1-866-697-3732.

Looking for more information about the On-Bill Recovery Loan Program? Learn more now.