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  • How Green Works For Me: Meet Johnnie


    Who’s Johnnie you said? We’ll if you’re talking about Johnnie Fenderson – of PUSH Green (PG), then he’s your Workforce Development Organizer.

    Johnnie grew up in Mobile Alabama, this state’s 3rd largest city. Growing up there, Johnnie wasn’t a stranger to hard work, and the plight of the regular working American. Mobile has sizable fishing, shipping, docking, steel working, and ship making industries. He moved to Buffalo in 2003 where some members of his family migrated to previous years earlier.

    Johnnie who spent some time in the US Army (working with the MP, or the Military Police) said that the army prepared him for his current role. “You have to have leadership qualities in the military to become a leader, and you have to have leadership qualities in organizing, you have to be organized”. In his last few years in service, he served as a Community Police NCOIC. In this capacity he worked hands on with social, and crime prevention programs within the community he was stationed at. This included supervising a group of youth doing neighborhood patrols, and being the first line of contact for soldiers who were struggling financially. “It was fun, I got run and gun, and interact with kids, …………….but most importantly, I got to build leadership qualities, and look for leadership qualities in other people” he says.

    What many may know up to this point is that PG is involved in Energy Efficiency, or EE. What may be new information to some folks is that PG works to create living wage working opportunities for people in the neighborhood (Western New York). This is where the majority of Johnnie’s focus is when he’s doing his job. He works to recruit potential weatherization workers into LIUNA Local 161 (Laborer’s International Union of North America). Through this union Johnnie works to find opportunities for local workers on EE projects. “My focus is to connect people to placement opportunities to get them up to speed, and get them trained” he said.

    As PG outreach people like Alex, Lin, and Rachelle (you’ll meet her in our next post) do their jobs – creating money saving EE opportunities for local home owners/renters, people like Johnnie work hard on the back end to make available more local living wage working opportunities for Western New Yorkers who desperately need them.

    He loves working with his hands, with people, and creating living wage job opportunities for an area that needs it. He’s Johnnie Fenderson, he’s your Workforce Development Organizer, and he wants to meet you!

    #staygreen and #LIVEBetter friends!

  • PUSH Green workforce development update

    Green Jobs Trainees pose for their close-up after completing BPI's Basic Air Sealing and Insulation Training.

    In early April, PUSH held a PUSH Green Worker Mobilization event. After a month of one-on-one meetings with alumni from local pre-apprenticeship and certification training programs, more than two dozen area residents interested in careers in weatherization and energy efficiency turned out for the event. Several home performance contractors and a representative from Local 161 of the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) were in the house as well.

    Attendees participated in small group round robin interviews with contractors and LiUNA, heard from PUSH Green's workforce staff about opportunities to build a “Community Jobs Pipeline” through Green Jobs-Green New York, and then signed up to hit the streets to generate the customer demand that will put them in demand as emerging workers.

    Thirteen trainees, who attended the PUSH Green Worker Mobilization event, have since completed BPI Basic Air Sealing and Insulation training sponsored by LiUNA, and are now looking forward to growing the home performance industry in WNY as original members of LiUNA’s Local 161.