Showing Kenmore our deep appreciation and thanks



On Monday, Sept. 24, the PUSH Green team joined Kenmore homeowners, local Home Performance contractors and community leaders Mayor Patrick Mang and Delaware District Council Member Mike LoCurto, at the Brounshidle Post (American Legion Post 205) on Delaware Avenue to share program experiences and to celebrate the steps Kenmore has made in improving their community through energy efficiency.

Village of Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang spoke about the value PUSH Green brings to Kenmore and about how the program provides homeowners with a unique opportunity to save money and invest in their homes.

"As people invest in their homes, their investing in their communities,” said Kenmore Mayor Patrick Mang. “This is a great program for the Village of Kenmore (and for me as well) to be a part of and it’s all thanks to PUSH Green.”

Mayor Mang also shared his experience as a member of PUSH Green’s Friends and Neighbors Program and what he learned about his home after his free comprehensive home energy assessment was completed.

Village homeowner and PUSH Green Captains Mary Jane and Denis Uminski told their PUSH Green story, which, for them, began when they read about the program in late February’s KenTon Bee.

“My husband and I made a promise that we would never be cold in our home,” stated Mary Jane Uminski. “Even though we kept our thermostat on a comfortable 70 degrees, there were days when we - well, mostly me - would come home and jack that sucker right on up to 77 degrees. I had to, it was that cold outside.”

They praised their new relationship with Rachelle Moses, PUSH Green community energy advocate, and the great comfort they now feel in their newly insulated, warmer home.

“I always felt like there was something wrong with my house, but I could never quite figure out what it was,” continued Uminski. “PUSH Green helped me understand exactly what was going on. I completely trust them because they not only believe in and are advocates for this program, but because they are truly here to help us homeowners out."

Denis and Mary Jane even enrolled their daughter, a new Kenmore homeowner, into the program. She was recently approved for $10,000 worth of energy efficiency work through the program’s On-Bill Recovery financing system!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who attended our event on Monday. We’re excited to continue bringing energy efficiency to Erie County,  and will be expanding our outreach efforts to Tonawanda and North Buffalo in the coming weeks. We know our PUSH Green Captains and endorsers will continue to promote the benefits of PUSH Green and for that we are extremely grateful.

But that’s not all...

Monday night, was also the official launch of our new PUSH Green Customer Referral Program.

By following these three easy steps, you can now take advantage of a really cool incentive while helping us continue to spread the PUSH Green word.

  1. Work with your Energy Advocate to send letters to your friends about PUSH Green and our Friends and Neighbors Program.

  2. Start referring your friends. You ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS to spread the PUSH Green word.

  3. Get a $25 Home Depot gift card or $25 donation in your name to a worker fund that eases the transition from training to employment for every person who signs a contract in the Friends and Neighbors Program (up to four individuals) OR get a $100 Home Depot gift card or $100 donation in your name to a worker fund for referring a bundle.

Really easy right? Well, then hurry up and start telling your friends; we only have a limited number of supplies left.

#staygreenfriends #LIVEBetter

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