PUSH Green Solar Program


PUSH Sol: Connecting People to Energy and Power

The PUSH Green Solar program is a new partnership with Solar Liberty, designed to incentivize ownership of solar energy, reduce your electric bills and help the environment by moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. By going solar, you'll also be helping to grow the "green economy" and creating green jobs with family-sustaining wages. Our Community Solar Energy Advocate, Sage Green, will help you figure out what incentives and programs are right for you, walk you through the paperwork, and work alongside Solar Liberty to take you from start to finish.

Reduce - Produce

if you haven't already, we recommend that you assess your home or small business' current energy use to identify ways to be more energy efficient, such as insulation and efficient lighting. By reducing your current energy burden we can assure that your home or business is getting the right solar sized installation for your needs. Once your home or business is ready, we can help you take advantage of the power of the sun to produce electricity that you own, freeing you from the high cost of electric service. To get started with a free comprehensive Home Energy Assessment, click here.

How it works

YourSolar Advocate will help determine eligibility for various NYSERDA incentives, financing, and overall program participation. Similar to our PUSH Green Friends and Neighbors program, we will bundle eligible projects together in order to realize up front discounts that can reduce the cost burden often associated with solar ownership. That's an upfront savings realized before applying for tax credits that can often cover up to 50% of your solar installation costs!


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