Staying Warm & Dry on the West Side


What is Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side? 

Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side is our new forgivable loan program we're making available to income eligible homeowners for home repairs that would otherwise impede their ability to make energy efficiency updates. Homeowners in the 14213 zip code area now have the opportunity to invest in their home and save money in the long run with NYSERDA weatherization work. 

The City of Buffalo has some of the oldest housing stock in the country, and the vast majority of homes on the West Side were built before 1940. Many homes lack basic weatherization measures, as well as needing upgrades and improvements so that homeowners can comfortable stay in their homes.

Common housing issues that prevent an energy scope of work from moving forward*:

  • Rain water coming into the basement and failing to drain our appropriately
  • Sewage back up and drainage issues
  • Mold in basement or other areas of the home
  • Roof needing major repair or complete tear-off replacement
  • Water damage to ceiling, walls, or parts of home
  • Plumbing repair
  • Electrical and wiring problems
  • Rodent or bug infestations
  • Chimney replacement or repair needed
  • Large sections of missing plaster or drywall
  • Foundation or structural repair needed

Important - Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side isn't just a home repair program. PUSH Green is pairing this program with existing NYSERDA weatherization and energy efficiency work. All those seeking these funds must be willing to participate in the existing NYSERDA program.

*Other issues may be addressed and will be determined by those assessing the home if it is necessary work to get an energy efficiency upgrade.


Who qualifies for Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side? 

  1. Homeowners who are income eligible who find it impossible to meet the criteria for private financing. 
  2. Homeowners who live in the residence and plan to remain there for a certain amount of time.*
  3. The property must be 1-4 residential units only.

*The forgivable loan is contingent on a sliding scale of time based on how much is taken to make repairs. For more information on this please call us at PUSH Green to speak with an energy advocate.


Why Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side?

Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side is part of PUSH Green's overall vision for an energy efficient and energy independent community. This program allows our neighbors an opportunity to make the necessary structures to their homes needed for weatherization work that will provide the homeowner with reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side is also another means to creating more green jobs in the community and continued support of Women and Minority Owned businesses.



How do I get started with the PUSH Green Staying Warm and Dry on the West Side Program?

Think you may qualify to participate in our Warm and Dry on the West Side program? Please call our PUSH Green office at 716-886-1780 to speak with one of our BPI-certified energy advocates today! They'll help you determine your eligibility, connect you with contractors, and see you through the process from start to finish.

Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.