Did you know that PUSH Green provides services across Western New York? We went to check in with one of our favorite customers from the Village of Sloan NY. Valerie and her partner are enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency. Take a look here.


Have you heard about PUSH Green's exciting new program, 

Warm & Dry on the West Side?

We know that for many of our neighbors, #goinggreen is just out of their reach, often because their homes need costly structural repairs that disqualify them for weatherization. For example, our neighbors Iris Andujar and her family had a cold home with high energy bills, but they needed roof repairs first. It's a catch 22; with the folks that can least afford it paying the most to heat their homes. So, we created Warm & Dry! With the Warm & Dry program, we were able to use our funding to fix the roof. Then we worked with the family to access energy efficiency work through New York State and the results are fantastic! Their gas bills are lower, the home was warm and more comfortable throughout the winter, and is cooler this summer. It's a win-win-win! Good for the community, good for our economy, and good for the environment.


Another happy PUSH Green customer Joanie Boersma gives her testimonial. Watch the video here!



"We’re expecting an annual energy savings of $328!" The Rental Assistance Corporation of Buffalo has been more than pleased with their experience working with PUSH Green to get their building more energy efficient. Read more here!




Ibrahim Cisse, proud owner of the newly (re)named Varsity Theater, gave an impromptu interview with Commercial Energy Advocate Sheila Richards-Perez when he received his rebate from our  incentive program.

Watch the video here!


 Schaefer Dentistry - Commercial Client 

Dr. Emily Schaefer was excited to bring her dentistry practice to the west side and used a renovation job as an opportunity to do some energy efficiency work on her business. "It was really nice to have someone come in and do an energy audit on the house because that was eye-opening at where energy gets used and lost." 





Anya Berenstein says, "Working with PUSH Green took away the headaches often involved with doing home improvement work. PUSH Green made energy efficiency easy!" Read more of what Anya had to say about PUSH here. 

Check back periodically for more testimonials of happy PUSH Green customers!