What the heck are you saying? My house is a system?

What the heck are you saying? My house is a system?

Once a year, you go to your physician and you get a checkup. S/he listens to your heartbeat and lungs, checks your knee reflexes and blood pressure, looks into your eyes and ears and puts you on the dreaded scale. The check-up doesn’t usually take too long, and afterwards you have your prescriptions or recommendations, as well as a new found peace of mind.

A comprehensive home assessment is the same thing, but for your house. Every element of your home works together as a system – from your furnace to your attic to your shower, it’s all connected.

Your BPI-accredited Home Performance Contractor has been trained to look at every part of your house and knows how each part affects the other. A comprehensive home assessment evaluates how your home operates and what can be done to improve its performance, so you can save both energy and money, as well as make your home the most comfortable place to be. 

When your energy auditor evaluates your home, he knows that your house is a system and anticipates how changing one part might affect another. For example, adding insulation and air sealing prevents heat from escaping, but it also prevents moisture from evaporating and fresh air from coming in. A BPI-accredited Home Performance Contractor would never tighten up your house without making sure that the correct ventilation and exhaust systems were also installed. Another contractor, one without BPI credentials and without the building science background, might simply add insulation without considering the consequences, such as mold and other moisture-related damages and poor indoor air quality. Thus, creating an unideal living environment and, ultimately, more long-term problems for your house and your family.

When you work with PUSH Green through our Friends and Neighbors program, you get the best value in energy efficiency. BPI-certified Home Performance contractors and Energy Advocates who understand that your home works as a system, work with you to demystify building science to help you make informed decisions about upgrading your home.  Contractors in our Friends and Neighbors program commit to performing work based on national quality standards quickly to maximize your home comfort all year long.  

Best of all, our Friends and Neighbors program helps bring the savings to you upfront by discounting the work up to 10 percent for groups that decide to take the plunge together.

So make sure you contact PUSH Green today to find out how to get started!  

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