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What is the “PUSH Green Approach” all about?

We are so excited about our Friends and Neighbors Program – which saves you more money and brings bigger benefits to the community - that we chose to approach our program networking neighborhood-by-neighborhood (and neighbor-by-neighbor). You can bundle with other homeowners within specific zip codes to participate.

We also want to be able to provide our concierge approach – supporting you every step of the way. In order to make that happen, we decided to focus on one area at a time.


I live in a Friends and Neighbors zip code, how does this help me?

Our BPI-certified Community Energy Advocates are here to help you during every step of the process. We can’t wait to sit down with you and talk about PUSH Green and our Friends and Neighbors Program. We will even submit your application for you!

As the process continues, so does our support. We’ll check in during and after your assessment, answer any questions you may have about the energy saving recommendations, and come by to see your place after it’s been upgraded to make sure that you are satisfied and have had a quality experience.


What if I don’t live in one of the zip codes?

We can’t be everywhere at once, but that doesn’t mean you should be left out in the cold. Give us a call if you live anywhere in Western New York. We’ll tell you all about how it works, and we’ll send you an application and easy instructions on how to successfully enroll in the program. We’re always only a phone call or an e-mail away.


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