Creating job opportunities for Erie County residents is one of the key aspects of the PUSH Green program.

In working with us, people know that they are not only investing in a healthier, more comfortable home year round, but in a better future for the region as a whole. PUSH Green works with local residents and contractors to lay the foundation for a Community Jobs Pipeline -- a strategy to engage low income communities of color and disconnected workers in the struggle to create an equitable community-controlled energy efficiency retrofit economy. The Community Jobs Pipeline combines conventional workforce development activities - recruitment, referral, job development, job placement - with opportunities for community building and leadership development.

PUSH Green is actively recruiting and referring area residents into workforce development opportunities with registered training providers.

 Building a Community Jobs Pipeline requires transformation of the local consumer market for energy efficiency services. We need to create customer demand in order to create jobs for trainees, workers, and contractors. PUSH Green provides opportunities for workforce volunteers to engage in customer outreach campaigns in neighborhoods across Erie County to educate residents about the benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

 Creating consumer demand for energy efficiency services is no guarantee that economic benefits will flow to area residents who are currently underemployed and working in the industry or to those from low income communities of color or with barriers to employment who are looking for job opportunities in the green economy. PUSH Green can assist local residents and contractors interested in accessing workforce development resources:

NYSERDA Workforce Development Opportunities - PUSH Green supports local contractors that participate in NYSERDA programs, as well as those that are interested in participating, by referring them to workforce development and on-the-job training resources made available by the State.

Friends and Neighbors Program - PUSH Green partners with NYSERDA contractors and emerging minority-owned and women-owned businesses to exchange bundled job leads for upfront commitments to hire local workers at family sustaining wages.


For a list of current job, training and volunteer opportunities, contact Michael Brundige at